The 12th annual Intercollegiate Tennis Association Kick-Off Weekend will take place January 24-27, 2020 at 26 different facilities across the country. During that weekend, 60 teams per gender will travel to 15 host sites to participate, with four host schools having earned the right to host both genders (North Carolina, Stanford, Texas, and UCLA). Host sites were selected based on the final 2018-2019 Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings.

Each of the 15 regional host institutions, per gender, will welcome three other teams for a single-elimination event, with the winners advancing to the National Team Indoors. The Wisconsin men and the Illinois women will serve as hosts for the National Team Indoors in 2020, guaranteeing them an automatic bid into the championships.

The ITA Kick-Off Weekend is unique in college athletics in that each regional is determined via the Kick-Off Weekend Draft, where each team selects which regional they wish to participate in. Selections are made in order of the final 2018-2019 Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings.

The women's Kick-Off Weekend Draft will be held on Wednesday, June 5 from 12pm-3pm EST, with the men's Kick-Off Weekend Draft following at the same time on Thursday, June 6.

ITA Division I Kick-Off Weekend Information
15 Men's and 15 Women's Campus Sites
January 24-27, 2020

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