Welcome to the ITA officials page. This webpage will be updated with various pieces of information relevant to the ITA certified official.
The ITA Officiating Department has set an email address for any and all questions, feedback and communication,


2018-19 ITA Rulebook (Coming Soon)
2017-18 ITA Rulebook

To purchase a copy of the 2017-18 ITA Rulebook, click here.

Certification Verification

If you need to verify certification of any official, please email

Are you interested in becoming an ITA Official?

Anyone who is interested in becoming an ITA Official should contact the ITA Officiating Department. Interested persons must have a current USTA certification of at least Provisional Umpire or above, which is reflected in NUCULA. Please contact your local USTA Office if you need to become a USTA certified official. Training and certification to become an ITA Official consists of taking an open book test and attending an interactive webinar, taught by a live instructor. Additionally, there is an annual $48 membership fee. If you would like to begin the process of becoming an ITA Official, please email the ITA Officiating Department.

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