Team Page Training Manuals

The Team Lounge Video Training Manuals will walk your through all the important areas you will need to know to build/edit your lounge.  Please take a moment to watch these videos to help trouble shoot any questions you may come across during the editing process. Please note: the videos are in the adobe flash file format.

Video_Clip_1 VIDEO: Complete Team Lounge Training

From start to finish, how to customize your Team Lounge. 
Video_Clip_1 VIDEO: How to Login

How to login and create ease for future editing
Video_Clip_2 VIDEO: Uploading Photos

Step by step training on adding photos to your pages. 
Video_Clip_3 VIDEO: Creating Links

How to create hyperlinks to text & images on your pages. 
Video_Clip_3 VIDEO: Editing your Countdown Clock

Step by step training on how to customize your countdown clock.
Video_Clip_3 VIDEO: Editing your Roste and Schedule

Step by step training on how to customize your countdown clock.

General manuals to help you learn more about the Active website and how it's pages work.  Feel free to look through these PDFs to get a better understand of each pagetype and how it works.

General Content Pages
A General Content page starts as the empty space in which you create web pages.  Best described at the starting spot.

Learn how to upload files and pictures to the Digital Assets and Link them up to your website.

Create links on your webpage that will directly lead viewers to internal or external web pages.  

Photo Gallery
Learn how to create and upload photos to make a photo slideshow.

Quick Poll
Create a poll question for viewers and give them options and results to see how they compare.
RSS Reader
Provide an area for viewers to have direct links to your school's RSS Feed. 

Start a blog and learn how to update blog entries to give viewers insight to your team's action

Give your viewers and area to leave coments and feedback on your Team and webpage.

Additional Information...
Image size requirements, etc.

Additional Information