ITA Player Profile: Julia Elbaba, Virginia

ITA Player Profile: Julia Elbaba, Virginia

Virginia's Julia Elbaba was the 2013 ITA Women’s National Rookie of the Year, and she started her freshman season in impressive fashion, winning 10 consecutive matches at the 2012 ITA/Riviera Women’s All-American Championships to reach the finals before falling to Florida’s Lauren Embree in three sets. She ended her freshman year ranked No. 15, finishing with an overall record of 29-8. During her current sophomore season, Elbaba has been in the Top 5 in the ITA Division I Women's Singles Rankings since February, and as of March 14, 2014 her record in singles is an impressive 21-4 in singles and 23-4 in doubles with partner Rachel Pierson. The ITA caught up with Julia during the 2013 USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships to find out a bit more about her favorites in life as well as what she recommends visitors to her native New York City do when they come to the Big Apple.


How old were you when you started playing tennis?

I was 6 years old when I started playing.

What got you into it, how did you start?
I used to play tennis as a hobby, and I really enjoyed it, and the coach thought I had potential, so I started to pick it up and play a lot more.

What’s your earliest memory of watching or playing tennis?
I used to come out to the US Open -- I’m from New York -- and watch these matches and get so inspired and wish that one day I would make it out here.

Who are your favorite players that you like to watch back then?
I always really liked Nadal and Djokovic, and for females I like Serena, because she has so much fire power.

If you could play tennis against any player in history who would it be?
Maybe Djokovic and Maria Sharapova.

Where would we find you off the court, what would you be doing?
I would probably be shopping, or hanging out with friends, going out to movies, being in New York City.

If you could tell people not from New York what to do for one night what would you tell them to do?
Well if it was around Christmas time, definitely go to the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, and Broadway shows, definitely catch a Broadway show.

What was the first concert you’ve ever been to?Julia Elbaba - Riviera
I’ve never been to a concert, but I’ve been to a bunch of Broadway shows.

Can you remember you remember your first Broadway show?
Mamma Mia.

What actor would play your on-screen coach?
I’m not sure, maybe someone really serious.

What is your favorite shot on the court?
My inside out forehand.

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic or Murray, who is your favorite?

On the women’s side, Serena, Vika, Maria or Li Na?

What has been your favorite or funniest moment of your college tennis career thus far?
Well my favorite was definitely clinching against Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech at number 1 singles, and my team rushed the court after and gave me a huge hug, and so that will always be a memory. I hope for more of those moments for sure.

Any funny or goofy moments?
I was serving at the regionals and I hit a ball into Rachel’s ear, and she ran off the court and takes a long injury time-out, and I felt bad for her, but we both laughed it off after.

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