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Campus QuickStart
To be recognized as a Campus QuickStart provider a College program must fulfill the
following 3 requirements:
  • Host and/or attend a USTA QuickStart Training.
  • Register as a 10 and Under Tennis Provider.
  • Host 10 and Under Tennis programming during the year.
All NCAA, NAIA, and Junior College varsity programs
All Tennis on Campus programs
Campus QuickStart Providers will receive:
  • Campus QuickStart banners or signs
  • Possible recognition as the most outstanding provider through the USTA/ITA Awards program (Campus QuickStart Provider of the Year)
  • Ability to purchase/receive Campus QuickStart t-shirts to use as giveaways at 10 and Under Tennis Festivals and Play Days
  • Recipients will be announced yearly in a USTA national press release
  • Eligibility to receive a Campus QuickStart Equipment Grant
Other Helpful Information
If you haven’t hosted or attended a QuickStart workshop in the last 2 years: 
College Coaches
To register as a Campus QuickStart provider, please click here.
2011-12 Registered Providers
Frank Barnes - Wisconsin-Whitewater (M & W)
Francie Barragan - Methodist (W)
Chris Bizot - UT-Tyler (M)
Teresa Boylan - Sweet Briar (W)
Otis Cutshaw - Davis & Elkins (M & W)
Brad Dancer - Illinois (M)
Michelle Dasso - Illinois (W)
Abby Davis - Arkansas Tech (W)
Christine Davis - Smith College (W)
Jessie Daw - Northern State (W)
Dennis Emery - Kentucky (M)
Dave Fish - Harvard (M)
Dick Gould - Stanford (Director of Tennis)
Traci Green - Harvard (W)
Kati Gyulai - Wyoming (W)
Lisa Hart - Washington State (W)
John Hein - Whitman College (M & W)
Dee Henry - Biola (W)
Granger Huntress - Texas (Facility Manager)
Lin Loring - Indiana (W)
Billy Martin - UCLA (M)
Matthew Meredith - Slippery Rock (M)
Chuck Merzbacher - Ohio State (W)
Jon Messick - Colorado State (W)
Michael Phillips - Montana State (M)
Peter Smith - USC (M)
Adam Steinberg - Pepperdine (M)
Malik Tabet - Austin Peay (M & W)
Jeff Trivette - UNC-Greensboro (W)
Scott Wills - Ohio Northern (W)
Additional Information