2013 ITA Summer Circuit Results – Week Five

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2013 ITA Summer Circuit Results – Week Five

SKILLMAN, NJ (August 1) – The 2013 ITA Summer Circuit, presented by the USTA, was in full swing this past week as the final sites of each region hosted action. The circuit will be capped off with the USTA/ITA National Summer Championships hosted by Indiana University, which is an open event with registration available here.

Here's a look between the lines:

New Faces in Winner’s Circle
Each host site from week five of the 2013 ITA Summer Circuit played host to unpredictability. Of the nine unique regional tournaments, there were no repeat winners from last week’s events. Check out all of the new faces in the complete results below.

New Mexico Women's Doubles
Women's participants pose with Bob Scott at the University of
New Mexico

Singles and Doubles Redemption
The participants were not, however, exclusively new to the nine different regions. In men’s and women’s doubles action, a few partner changes produced better results for contending participants. Last week at Middlebury, Kassandra Orozco was defeated in the women’s doubles final by Kathleen Elkins and Rebecca Curran. At Cornell this past weekend, Orozco partnered up with Melissa Goodman to defeat Alice Garcia and Ekaterina Bure, 8-3. 

On the men’s side, Nicholas Bybel bounced back from his doubles defeat at UNC-Chapel Hill by partnering with Joel Roberts at UNC-Greensboro. The duo defeated George and Joseph Cartledge, 8-3, to capture the doubles crown. 

With Mackenzie McDonald not present at the Sonoma State event in the Northern California region, Jayabharath Billa pounced on the opportunity to triumph in men’s singles competition. The two-time finalist in Northern California events defeated Nicolas Cummins, 5-7, 6-3, 10-7. 

Jayabharath Billa
Jayabharath Billa captured his first singles title of the 2013 ITA
Summer Circuit this week

Looking Forward
With no Summer Circuit events next week, the only event remaining is the 2013 USTA/ITA National Summer Championships. The event is hosted by Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, from August 10-13. The tournament is open to anyone and online registration will stay open until Wednesday, August 7th at 1:30 p.m. For more information concerning addresses, fees, and hotel information, visit our Summer Circuit page.

The Social Media Sprint will be coming to a close at the conclusion of the USTA/ITA National Summer Championships, and with that, the opportunity to win free ITA gear. Previous winners include:
Week 1 Winner: Fatima Perez: ITA Summer Circuit T-Shirt 
Week 2 Winner: Amy Jensen: ITA Drawstring Bag
Week 3 Winner: Keith McLain: ITA Summer Circuit T-Shirt
Week 4 Winner:  Tod Meisner – ITA Drawstring Bag

Check out the Social Media Sprint page for details about how to enter. There’s still time!

Complete Results
University of New Mexico
Men's Singles: Sean Baklini def. Gavin Lynch – 6-2, 7-5
Women's Singles: Paris Corley def. Susie Baklini – 6-2, 6-1
Men's and Women's Doubles: Round Robin

Sonoma State
Men's Singles: Jayabharath Billa (1) def. Nicolas Cummins – 5-7, 6-3, 10-7
Women's Singles: Sara Celma (4) def. Kristy Jorgensen (3) – 6-1, 6-2
Men's Doubles: Theodore Burchett/Matthew Halligan win two matches
Women's Doubles: Celma/Kaitlyn Haithcock def. Julia Golub/Shannon Marlewicz – 8-1

Indiana University

Men's Singles: Dan Bednarczyk (2) def. Dimitrije Tasic (1) – 6-4, 6-7, 10-6
Women's Singles: Katie Klyczek (2) def. Monica Lin – 2-6, 7-5, 10-8
Men's Doubles: Bednarczyk/Alek Davila def. John Zordani/Michael Treis – 8-6
Women's Doubles: Kristen Dodge/Sarah Lee def. Alex D'Ascenzo/Marika Cusick – 8-4

Cal State LA

Men's Singles: Kristofer Yee def. Teague Hamilton – 1-6, 6-4, 10-7
Women's Singles: Yuki Chiang (1) def. Zoe Katz (2) – 6-2, 1-6, 10-7
Men's Doubles: Jason Jaruvang/Louis Sacks def. Tanner Berkabile/Ozzy Abraham – 8-2
Women Doubles: Katz/Maegan Manasse def. Chiang/Annika Ringblom – 8-2

Cornell University

Men's Singles: Aws Laaribi (3) def. Zach Lessen – 6-7(6), 6-1, 10-7
Women's Singles: Quinn Gleason (1) def. Alice Garcia (2) – 6-0, 7-5
Men's Doubles: Patrick Cole/Tyler Triolo def. Jacob Cooper/Laaribi – Default
Women's Doubles: Melissa Goodman/Kassandra Orozco def. Ekaterina Bure/Garcia (4) – 8-3


Men's Singles: Nicholas Bybel (2) def. Randy Phillips (5) – 7-6(6), 6-1
Women's Singles: Kirsten Ward wins by default
Men's Doubles: Bybel/Joel Roberts def. George Cartledge/Joseph Cartledge – 8-3
Women's Doubles: Olivia Lucas/Ansley Speaks def. Masey Demoss/Skylar Holloway – W/O 

University of Oklahoma

Men's Singles: Christopher Haworth (1) def. Brady Bohrnstedt (3) – 7-6, 6-7, 10-8
Women's Singles: Stephanie Wei (1) def. Emily Conrad (2) – 6-3, 6-2
Men's Doubles: Bohrnstedt/Haworth def. Hunter Holman/Hunter Scammahor – 8-4
Women's Doubles: Sarah Bowen/Wei def. Conrad/Summer Schlotterback – 8-3

University of Florida

Men's Singles: A. Smith (1) def. Dominic Cotrone (2) – 6-3, 6-4
Women's Singles: Stephanie Wagner (1) def. Kelsey Laurente (2) – 6-1, 7-5
Men's Doubles: E. Diaz/Smith def. Frazier Springfield/Zachary Goldberg – 9-7
Women's Doubles: Laurente/Wagner def. Kimbell/Brittany Dubins – 8-5

Texas A&M

Men's Singles: Ashok Narayana (5) def. Behzad Minavi (3) – 6-3, 6-3 
Women's Singles: Julia Fellerhoff (2) def. Elizabeth Begley (1) – 6-1, 4-6, 10-7
Men's Doubles: Naveen Beasley/Nathaniel Lammons (5) def. Stuart Kenyon/Narayana (3) – 9-8(5)
Women's Doubles: Kelsey Grambeau/Kelli Hine (4) def. Gabrielle Clark/Fellerhoff (1) – 3-4, Ret. (em)

Since its inception in 1993, nearly 30,000 men and women have competed in the ITA Summer Circuit, presented by the USTA. Providing college and junior athletes (along with alumni) the opportunity to compete in organized events year round, the Circuit remains open to anyone as long as he/she is a current ITA member. There are nine regional circuits that span across the United States, which include thirty-five different tournaments. These open tournaments culminate with the USTA/ITA National Summer Championships at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, on August 10-13. Everyone is eligible to enter the National Summer Championships.

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