Writers Alley

What is Writers Alley?

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) is the governing body of college tennis and our aspiring goal is to create an outlet for any fan of college tennis, whether it be a player, coach, junior, parent or passionate fan, we want to be the source for collegiate tennis news, events, awards and much more.

We invite sports information directors, coaches, former players and all interested parties to write articles for consideration to be featured in our “Writers Alley” section for www.itatennis.com . This is an opportunity to express your interest in tennis and your team as well as create a well developed archive of college tennis nationwide.

With this in mind, we will not be able to feature every article but hope that this will create a challenge for those interested to be creative and unique in their topics. We expect the articles to present a universal interest that will show your ability to display college tennis from a unique and intriguing perspective.

For those interested in taking part in this unique and exclusive opportunity, please email materials to Tom Loughrey at tloughrey@itatennis.com.

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Dunja Antunovic

Dunja Antunovic

DePaul Women's Graduate Asst. Coach
2010 ITA/USTWA Writing Contest Winner

**Promoting your love for Tennis**


**“Just In Time For Kick-Off!”**

**ITA Convention: For Me It’s The Place To Be**

**ITA Mentoring Program: Coaching the Coaches**

Anca Dumitrescu,
Miami (OH) Head Coach

**I Want to Win So Badly**


**If you want to win,
you better get Moving

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