Virginia men, Texas A&M women jump out to early leads

Kentucky at Mississippi - Joey Brent

Virginia men, Texas A&M women jump out to early leads

The race is on and the Virginia men and Texas A&M women are the early leaders in the second annual ITA Attendance Race. The first standings reflect matches through January and February. The Virginia men are tops in the total attendance with 3,472 fans through their first ten matches this season, all played indoors at the Boyd Tinsley Tennis Courts at Boars Head Tennis Center. Texas A&M leads the nation in average attendance with 507 fans having attended the only home match versus Radford in late January.

Fittingly, the Illinois-Virginia match, which drew a season-high 1,231 spectators last year at the Atkins Tennis Center, once again drew one of the top figures with 649 in attendance but was just edged by another UVA home match versus Kentucky, which totaled of 654 as well as the top single match figure of 707 which also pit Kentucky on the road against Mississippi.

Texas A&M leads the way in all of the women's categories with 2,100 total fans, including the top four match totals, three of which surpassed the 500 mark, good for a 525 per match average, which also leads the nation.

Highlighting the ITA Attendance Race thus far are the more than 10,000 fans taking in the first stretch of home matches for the top five men's race leaders (mainly at indoor facilities with limited capacity). In the men’s attendance race, the top five leaders are all currently ranked in the top 25 of the Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings.

Total Attendance - Division I Men
School Total
1. Virginia: 3,472
2. Tulsa: 3,050
3. Illinois: 2,578
4. Washington: 1,921
5. Mississippi: 1,389

Average Attendance - Division I Men
School Avg.
1. Texas A&M: 507
2. Mississippi: 463
3. TCU: 450
4. Virginia: 347
5. Illinois: 258

Single Match - Division I Men
Match Total Date
1. Kentucky at Mississippi: 707 (1/31/09)
2. Kentucky at Virginia: 654 (2/27/09)
3. Illinois at Virginia: 649 (1/24/09)
4. Tennessee at Illinois: 636 (2/7/09)
5. Duke at Illinois: 540 (2/6/09)

Total Attendance - Division I Women
School Total
1. Texas A&M: 2,100
2. Alabama 875
3. Ohio State: 790
4. Wichita State: 743
5. Illinois: 627

Average Attendance - Division I Women
School Avg.
1. Texas A&M: 525
2. Baylor: 163
3. Ohio State: 132
4. Alabama: 125
4. Illinois: 125

Single Match - Division I Women
Match Total Date
1. South Florida at Texas A&M: 627 (2/27/09)
2. Denver at Texas A&M: 567 (1/24/09)
3. Auburn at Texas A&M: 514 (2/6/09)
4. LSU at Texas A&M: 392 (2/8/09)
5. Tennessee at Illinois: 240 (1/24/09)
5. Penn State at Ohio State: 240 (2/28/09)

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