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Community Service Month Limoneira Scroll-2017-08-29

Limoneira Hours Challenge Submission Form - 
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Indi.com Photo/Video Submission - Click Here
How to Submit Community Service Events to the ITA: 
1. Submit your community service to the Google form: Click Here
2. Submit your best photos and videos to Indi.com for your chance to win $500. The program with the most 'buzz' will be rewarded a $500 grant and one free 2018 ITA Coaches Convention Registration

Here are the instruction to submit your photos/videos to Indi.com
1. Go to the Indi.com challenge page: Click Here
2. Click on the submit button and create a log-in with Indi.com and accept the terms of the challenge
3. Select your photo or video and hit upload
4. Check your inbox for a link from Indi.com and use the link to create 'buzz' on Facebook and Twitter

1. $1,000 grant to the program with the most combined hours and a free 2018 ITA Coaches Convention Registration
2. $500 grant to the program that creates the most 'buzz' on Indi.com and a free 2018 ITA Coaches Convention Registration
3. $500 grant to the program that wins the raffle of all programs that complete 20+ total hours

Remember to promote your community service project/event and follow along with what other teams are doing by using the hashtag #CommunITAService on social media.

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The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) and its member schools will participate in a month of service in 2017, with Limoneira serving as the national sponsor. During October, the ITA will visibly promote its student-athletes and their service outside of the tennis court. Teams across all five divisions of college tennis are encouraged to participate in the Limoneira Hours Challenge, which will serve as a running tally as to what teams have completed the most service hours. The Limoneira Hours Challenge will be updated and promoted weekly by the ITA.

Why an ITA Community Service Month?
"A great measure of the success of our ITA tennis programs is that they are fully embedded in the lives of their campuses and in their communities. The ITA Community Service Month Presented by Limoneira will represent the totality of the body of work of all of our ITA programs combined in giving back as true leaders." – Timothy Russell, ITA CEO

Examples of Community Service:
Event for Team Luke Foundation; run a free tennis event for your local community; partner with Acing Autism; visit a children’s hospital; volunteer at the local food bank; participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month events; volunteer for Habitat for Humanity; volunteer at a retirement home; etc.

ITA News Update:
ITA Community Service Month and Tempe Tennis Day Release
Limoneira To Serve As National Sponsor Of ITA Community Service Month

If you need ideas or have any questions, please feel to reach out to:
Mary Edman – medman@itatennis.com