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Adopt-A-School Program Goals:
The ADOPT-A-SCHOOL program utilizes the talent and energy of tennis enthusiasts to become advocates for promoting tennis in schools. College coaches can target local school associations such as PTA’s and PTO’s in coordination with NJTL Chapters, CTA’s, Parks, and Jr. Team Tennis providers to help institute tennis into the following areas:

  • Tennis in Physical Education
  • After School Programs featuring the QuickStart Tennis play format
  • No-Cut School Tennis Teams

Ways you as the Coach can get involved with adopting a school in your area:

  • Conduct an assembly or lunchtime demo (promote QuickStart play format)
  • Offer to assist with P.E. classes
  • Conduct a tennis festival on school grounds for kids and parents
  • Host a field trip for students at a Professional Tournament or College Match
  • Attend PTO/PTA meetings
  • Assist with a School Tennis In-Service Trainings

Benefits of Adopting A School:
College coaches (and the college varisty tennis team) can establish relationships with local schools to offer Campus Kids' Days and set up after school and summer tennis programs using players from the college team. 


USTA Schools Tennis Resources

To learn more and to get started today register on the USTA The Big Serve as a tennis advocate. Through the USTA’s Adopt-a-School initiative materials and equipment assistance is available.