2015 ITA Summer Circuit

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ITA Summer Circuit LogoNearly 30,000 men and women have competed in ITA Summer Circuit events since it began in 1993. The circuit provides college (and junior and alumni) players the opportunity to compete in organized events virtually year round. Although the primary focus of the circuit is to provide incoming freshmen and collegiate players the chance to compete in the summer months, for NCAA compliance purposes, the events within the ITA Summer Circuit are categorized as "open"; therefore anyone is eligible to compete in these events as long as he/she is a current ITA member.

The ITA Summer Circuit is currently made up of nine regional circuits (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Central, Mountain, Texas, Northern California and Southern California) consisting of four consecutive open tournaments played during the month of July, leading up to the ITA/USTA National Summer Championships in Bloomington, Indiana in August.

The entry fee for all Summer Circuit tournaments is $60 (includes singles and doubles), with the exception of the ITA/USTA National Summer Championships which is $70 (includes singles and doubles). All tournaments will use no-ad scoring, a 10-point match tie-breaker for the third set of singles and 8 game pro-sets for doubles. An American player who competes in at least 3 tournaments and is the point leader for that Region will automatically qualify and receive some travel reimbursement for the ITA/USTA National Summer Championships (point chart is below). Additional information and draws specific to each tournament can be found below. Players are permitted to withdraw from a Summer Circuit event up to 10 days prior to the start of the event. If a player withdraws within 10 days of the start of the event he/she forfeits their entry fee. The withdraw policy is agreed to by all entrants during the online registration process.

All participants in the ITA Summer Circuit MUST be an ITA student member. Memberships are available for current college players, junior players, alumni and more. Varsity student-athlete and junior memberships are $27/year and additional membership registration information can be found at: http://www.itatennis.com/AboutITA/Membership.htm. Please email msing@itatennis.com if you need assistance.

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Region Dates Tournament Director Email Draws/Info
Pittsburgh June 29 - July 4 Hank Hughes hank10spro@comcast.net Draws
Wellesley College July 11-14 Brian Kuscher bkuscher@wellesley.edu Draws
Phil Parish longfellow10s@gmail.com
Rutgers July 17-20 Benjamin Bucca, Jr. bbucca@scarletknights.com Draws
Cornell July 25-28 Mike Stevens mstevens@cornell.edu Draws
Florida State June 27-29 Jennifer Hyde jhyde@fsu.edu Draws
Middle Tennessee July 11-13 Jimmy Borendame mttennis@mtsu.edu Draws
Alabama July 18-20 Jenny Mainz jmainz@ia.ua.edu Draws
Florida July 25-27 Dave Balogh davidb@gators.ufl.edu Draws
U.M. Kansas City June 26-28 Scott Hanover ptcguy@yahoo.com Draws
Wichita State July 11-13 Colin Foster cfoster@goshockers.com
Kansas July 17-19 Todd Chapman todd.chapman@ku.edu Draws
Oklahoma July 25-27 Boomer Saia boomersaia@ou.edu Draws
New Mexico Canceled Kelcy McKenna kmckenna@unm.edu
Colorado Boulder July 11-13 Nicole Kenneally nicole.kenneally@colorado.edu Draws
Denver July 17-19 Drew Eberly drew.eberly@du.edu Draws
BYU July 24-25 Brett Bernstein brett_bernstein@byu.edu Draws
Mid Atlantic        
Mary Washington June 27-29 Todd Helbling thelblin@umw.edu Draws
Virginia Tech July 11-13 Jim Thompson vttennis@vt.edu Draws
UNC-Charlotte July 18-21 William Boykin wboykin@uncc.edu Draws
Wake Forest July 24-27 Jeff Wyshner wyshner@wfu.edu Draws
Minnesota June 28-30 John Pratt pratt038@umn.edu Draws
Purdue July 3-6 Laura Glitz lglitz@purdue.edu Draws
Western Michigan July 11-14 Ryan Tomlinson ryan.tomlinson@wmich.edu Draws
Notre Dame July 18-21 Ryan Sachire ryan.r.sachire.2@nd.edu Draws
Indiana July 25-28 Ramiro Azcui razcui@indiana.edu Draws
ACU July 4-6 John Walker jtw03e@acu.edu Draws
UT-Dallas July 11-14 Bryan Whitt bwhitt@utdallas.edu Draws
UT Arlington July 18-21 Diego Benitez dbenitez@uta.edu Draws
Texas A&M July 24-27 Mark Weaver mweaver@athletics.tamu.edu Draws
Southern California        
Laguna Niguel June 27-29 Mark Spearman mes@spearmanclubs.com Draws
La Verne-Upland July 10-13 Yolanda Duron yduron@laverne.edu Draws
Azusa Pacific July 18-20 Mark Bohren dtgoodman84@hotmail.com Draws
Cal State LA July 24-27 Sandy Kriezel sandy.kriezel@calstatela.edu Draws
Northern California        
San Jose State June 26-28 Sylvain Malroux sylvain.malroux@sjsu.edu Draws
Pacific July 11-13 Daniel N. Llarenas dllarenas@pacific.edu
U.C. Davis July 18-20 Eric Steidlmayer esteidlm@ucdavis.edu Draws
Sonoma State July 25-27 Steve Cunninghame steve.cunninghame@sonoma.edu Draws
ITA/USTA National
August 8-11 Ramiro Azcui razcui@indiana.edu Champ. Info

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