Women's Singles Quotes - Day Two


(1) Maria Mosolova (Northwestern): "Just like yesterday, I think I like three sets. It’s just my hobby these days. It was a tough match obviously. I’ve never played her before, just like I never played the girl I played yesterday. It’s fun to play someone new, and I think it was a great three-set match. I figured out some of the things I have to work on. I just tried to stay composed, and make her play, make her run, and just out-compete her." 

(2) Julia Cohen (Miami): "I guess the first round is always harder. I felt more comfortable today, and I felt that I played a lot better. I just felt better all around, just more comfortable."

(3) Aurelija Miseviciute (Arkansas): “The final was much better today than yesterday. I knew (Marina Cossou) was going to give me a hard match because her results show that she has not given up any matches in straight sets. She is a great fighter and great competitor and she gets a lot of balls back.  In these conditions, it was tough today. The points were long. I knew I had to do a little bit more to win the points.  I had to create points and find the open court.

“In the first set and the second set, every game was deuce, ad…it could have gone both ways. It was a really close, one and I’m glad I came out on top.”

Laura Vallverdu (Miami): (On her win against  No. 4 seed Ani Mijacika of Clemson)I’m coming up here, and I know Ani (Mijacika) really well. We’ve been through a lot in college. I knew she was tough. I knew how she played. I knew she was the fourth seed. I knew that I was coming up, and I wasn’t as tired as she was from yesterday. I just told myself, ‘just play every point and don’t give her anything.’ I knew that she was going to serve big, which she did, but I stepped up my serve and I took care of my games. Some points here and there in my first and second set and the tie breaker, I think I just out worked her a little bit, right there when it counted.”

(5) Mallory Cecil (Duke): “(Amanda McDowell) is the defending champion. She is a great player. I definitely knew that she was really experienced in this arena.  I came out really wanting to play my game and stay aggressive.  I know she hits heavy, and I play like that a little bit, too. It definitely helped her with the wind and definitely pushed me back a lot. Just like yesterday, I just tried to keep coming inside the baseline and really work my serve.  I think I did that pretty well today.

“The weather is really not that bad right now. I am used to playing in the wind since we have been playing in it all week. We are both pretty used to it by now. You’re definitely thinking about where it is going and where you need to hit your shots. Overall I think it was pretty equal for both of us at this point.”

(7) Hilary Barte (Stanford): "I was up in the first, had a few set points. I missed a few balls, but after the match she was like (jokingly), ‘I’m going to hate you forever because that was my last singles match.’ That explains why she was fighting so hard. I thought she did a good job coming back. I just tried to stay on my game. She was passing pretty well, so I just had to go for it." 

(8) Chelsey Gullickson (Georgia):  “I came in today a little bit more tired than I was yesterday. Probably the biggest difference was keeping, like (coach) Jeff (Wallace) says, an ‘A’ mind. This is like the eighth day of the tournament, or something, so I’m getting a little tired. So probably going out there, and trying to make the matches as short as I can instead of bringing it on. I almost lost. She was coming back in the first set, and I tried to make it as short as I possibly could just to save my energy. I’m just going out there. No pressure. No nerves, just having fun. It’s the last tournament, so there is nothing that I can really lose.”

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