Women's Singles Quotes - Day Three

Round of 16

(1) Maria Mosolova (Northwestern): "I had never played Rika (Zsilinszka) before, so I was not really sure what to expect coming into the match. But I know that I have to play hard in this round.

“All of my matches have gone to three sets so far, so I am very tired. I was just thinking that I have to stay aggressive no matter what it takes, even though I knew I was getting tired. I had to make her play and out-compete her. Claire (Pollard, head coach) kept telling me to be tough and I’d get through it.’

(2) Julia Cohen (Miami): " It was a little bit windy so it was hard to play, but I thought that I competed well. I think that is what made the match.

“I liked playing next to Bianca (Eichkorn, who was competing on the adjacent court) because she is my doubles partner. She is one of my good friends, so I really liked to be near her. It helped motivate me.”

(3) Aurelija Miseviciute (Arkansas): “It was a good match with good quality points. I give a lot of credit to Josipa (Bek). She is a great competitor and her energy is really, really good. We both had a really good match. I made less mistakes at the end when it mattered. I managed to not make a mistake and stepped up my game when I needed to. My serve today helped me. I am happy with the way I played, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

(5) Mallory Cecil (Duke): “I thought that (Bianca Eichkorn) played really well. She fought really hard. The first set was a lot closer than the score gave out. We had a lot of close games, but we both had to deal with that wind out there. I think we both stayed pretty aggressive. I think the difference was a little bit of unforced errors on her part. I think that we both played really similar and that we both fought really hard. I think it was just that little bit that made the difference.”

(On playing on a court next to teammate Ellah Nze) “I loved that. I was not expecting that, but it is always great to play next to them. It kind of feels more like a dual match, and I love seeing how they are doing and being able to cheer for them a little bit if I’m right next to them. I really enjoyed that.”

(9-16) Marrit Boonstra (Florida)

(On her victory over No. 7 seed Hilary Barte of Stanford)  "I played a really good second set. The first set was not very good. She played very good. I had to figure out her game, and after that it went pretty easy. She is a great player, but she is half of the size of me, so I was trying to get the balls up higher than her, and it worked. Then I tried to go to the net.”

(8) Chelsey Gullickson (Georgia):  “It’s good to get through Round of 16, especially being here for the past nine days. I played (Jana Juricova) earlier in the year, but we didn’t get to finish because the match (that finished) before us clinched. I’m just trying to stay positive and stick with the game plan that me and my coaches went over beforehand. My game plan is to keep my feet moving, staying consistent and having my ‘A’ mind, and just playing my shots that would work the best on her.”

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