Women's Singles Quotes - Day One

Round of 64 Quotes

(1) Maria Mosolova (Northwestern):
“This was the first time that I played her. It’s always hard to play the first time, especially the first round of the NCAA’s. I was a little nervous. I just went into the match, and was going to problem solve since I didn’t know what she was going to do because we’ve never really played. I think it was a good first-round match because I got to hit a lot of balls and play a lot of tennis, so that’s all that matters.”
(2) Julia Cohen (Miami): “The first round is always hard. I just felt that if I got into the match, I would be ok, but I’m just glad I got through it. I just think that I was a little bit tight in the first set because it’s the first round, but I got use to it.”
(3) Aurelija Miseviciute (Arkansas): “I think that first rounds are always tough to play. I watched a couple of matches before, and I don’t think anybody played their best tennis in the first round. I just tried to stay focused on a couple of things that my coach was telling me to do, like serve, my foot work, and that worked fine. I’m happy with how I played today.”
(4) Ani Mijacika (Clemson): “It was really tough. She is a really good player, and I knew it was going to be a tough first round. The first round is always the toughest for me, trying to get the feel of the court and the crowd. She did a great job. I took an early lead in the first set, but she kept fighting so it came down to the tie breaker. I made a few mistakes that I shouldn’t have, so she took the first set. The second one, she kept the momentum going and got up on me fast but I found a way to fight back. My serve helped me out a lot on the big points I needed, so I was able to take the second set and the third. She fought back and I was really nervous about closing out the match. It was an awesome match overall and I was lucky to have it come out on my side.
“During our team tournament, I won the first game and was up in the second when we lost. It all just happened so fast. Since then I have been practicing everyday since we lost and it’s been good to be here for an extra four to five days to get the feel of the courts and adjust to the extreme heat. I think being able to do that definitely got me ready for today.”
(5) Mallory Cecil (Duke): “It was an interesting transition going to individuals, not having so much intensity and screaming going on around you, so I’m getting acclimated with that. Today I was missing a lot but I just tried to stay aggressive and keep going for my shot. My serve helped me out a lot with my service games. I really had to focus on my returns and staying really aggressive even though I was missing some. I think that was key for me.
“I really didn’t get much sleep last night. We’ve had a tough week. It’s been a battle all throughout. Now I’m just taking it one match at a time from here on out, getting as much rest as I possibly can in-between, really taking care of my body, making sure I’m getting lots of rest and again just getting focused. Of course I want my teammates to win and we’re cheering for each other out here but when it’s on the court, it’s really all about us now.”
Natasha Marks (Arizona): (On upsetting No. 6 seed Fani Chifchieva of Auburn)
“I am very excited. It was a great chance to even be here today, let alone win. I felt the match went very well for me. I just found a way to win, and I am pleased with the way I was able to fight. I think the experience from the Pac-10 tournament really helped me know how to win on a high level. I am just a freshman, so I don’t really know who these girls are that I am playing against. All I am doing is going out and playing my game regardless of who it is against.”
(7) Hilary Barte (Stanford): “I’ve played her twice before, and she has gotten me both times. So coming in, I knew it was going to be tough. The first set, it was really tight. We both had our chances, and she just stayed really solid, so she deserved that set. In the second and third, I decided to hit my backhand, and that worked for me.
(On playing a player from Baylor, which eliminated Stanford in team competition):
“I was actually pretty excited to get some revenge. They are a tough team, and they earned that win. I was excited to get one for the ‘S’.”
(8) Chelsey Gullickson (Georgia): “I came into the match forgetting what had happened to us in the semifinals and everything; just put that into the past. I just came out here with a clean slate. I have nothing to lose. Even though she plays four, she is a solid four. I just told myself to keep every ball in, just play to win, and basically stay out there until I can find a way to win. 
 (On playing well at No. 1 singles in team competition):
“It gave me a lot of confidence. I feel fresh and ready to go, it was definitely good.”
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