Women's Doubles Results - Day Three

Csilla Borsanya/Lenka Broosova (Baylor) def. Micaela Hein/Kelcy McKenna (Arizona State), 6-3, 6-0
Natalie Pluskota/Caitlin Whoriskey (Tennessee) def. Josipa Bek/Ina Hadziselimovic (Clemson), 6-4, 3-6, 6-4
(5-8) Hilary Barte/Lindsay Burdette (Stanford) def. Lauren Lui/Georgia Rose (Northwestern) , 6-2, 3-6, 6-4
(5-8) Mari Andersson/Jana Juricova (California) def. (1) Renata Kucerkova/Anastasia Petukhova (Fresno State), 7-6 (1), 6-3 


Mari Andersson  (California)
“Especially for me, I’m just taking it one match at a time, because we play so many matches you can’t keep track of them. You just wake up and do the same in the morning: you come here and play. It’s my first NCAAs and for Jana (Juricova) too, so we don’t really know what to expect. We have played a lot of tournaments, but not NCAAs. NCAAs is different from other tournaments, so it is very exciting.”

(On the 2-hour rain delay) “We are used to rain delays. It has happened so many times before, so it is not that hard. We hang around and take it easy, not doing too much.”

Lindsay Burdette (Stanford)
“The first set we came out playing awesome, exactly like we expected, and I think they were a little tight. We all were, actually, but we played through it a little bit better than them in the first. And in the second, they started really making us play a lot more balls when we were up at the net. They played a really, really solid second set, and we struggled a little bit on the execution side. In the third set, we got our execution going again, especially the volleys close to the set. We got it going.

(On Stanford’s game plan) “We tried to played a lot of middle against them a lot because it is both their backhands in the middle. We were just looking to be the two up at net with them back.

(On facing Natalie Pluskota and Caitlin Whoriskey of Tennesseee in the semifinals) “They actually took our teammates in the first round, so it will be a little bit of a revenge match.”

Lenka Broosova (Baylor)
“We played (Micaela Hein and Kelcy McKenna of Arizona State) before in Las Vegas in the beginning of the fall. We lost, so we knew what we needed to improve on to beat this team. Obviously they are a great team. To be in the quarterfinals, you have to be good. We knew what to do, and we followed the game plan. We executed really well. We served really well today I have to say. We didn’t get broken once, so I think that was a huge factor. I’m really happy.

(On closing out the match just before the courts were being cleared because of weather) “I was serving and the game plan was working perfectly, and all of sudden they started hitting winners and I was like, ‘oh my gosh, no’. I saw the drops on the court, and I started freaking out. But then I served well again. Serve is very important, and we have been working on it all year and finally it is paying off, because we sacrifice a lot. We couldn’t do it in team and singles. We did ok in team, but not what we wanted, so this is kind of a little bit of a payback. We are really happy to be in the final four.

Natalie Pluskota (Tennessee)
"We were on their serve pretty much the entire time.  We were up pretty much every game.  It was just executing that last point.  Going into that, we knew worst case, we could hold serve and go up 6-5, but we just went after it the last game and came out on top."

"I knew I had to go after it completely.  It's kind of like now or nothing.  You get tight and you kind of regret it in the end, so you just have to go for it."

Caitlyn Whoriskey (Tennessee)
"At first you don't realize how much energy she (Clemson's Ina Hadziselimovic) has, but then you just kind of get used to it and you just have to get it out of your mind and focus on what you have to do."

(About the first set) "It's kind of like playing men's doubles.  You get the break, you hold, then you get the set.  Same thing - me and Natalie both tried to have bigger first serves today, hold serve easy and then put pressure on the return.  In the first set, it just so happened that we played a really good return game and ended up winning that first set.

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