Women's Doubles Quotes - Day One


(1) Anastasia Petukhova (Fresno State)
“We knew that (Natasa Vuckovic/Ana Zubori, South Carolina) might be a tough opponent, but we had never played them before, so, we were getting ready for our best game. It worked out well.  They were tough and got a couple of games back.” 

“We have been here since team tournaments and came straight from regionals, so we have been on the road for about 20 days now.  I think that as time goes by, we are getting tougher. So, that is a good thing.”

(2) Kristy Filling (Notre Dame)
“I thought it was a pretty tough first round because they were All-Americans, but I think we played solid. We were down both sets but came back, so I think it was a well played match on both sides.

“We kept breaking serve. We didn’t hold serve for half of the first set, then finally we were able to break through.  The second set we also got down early and came back, then got down again and then repeated and held serve to close it out.

“Our general strategy is to play each other’s games. We both have different games. Kelcy (Tefft) lobs a lot and has really great hands, and I hit hard ground strokes and try to be aggressive. So I think we confuse people,e and we try to stick with that game plan every match. Tomorrow will be day 11, so we have been here for what seems like forever.  The weather is not affecting us that much at this point.”

Carolina Escamilla (Kentucky):
(On her and partner Caroline Lilley’s upset over No. 3 seed Andrea Remynse and Yasmin Schnack of UCLA): “I was nervous at match point, knowing we were about to upset the No. 3 seed in the tournament, but we just went for it. You just have to go for it.

“The first set, we were cold. We weren’t moving that well. We were not going for it. Our game is aggressive, and we were not playing aggressive.  The second set, we just brought it and were more aggressive and went for it.  The third set we were right there.  We lost it for a little bit – we were 5-2, then it went to 5-4, then we just closed it out.  We brought our aggressive game out and won it.

“We were getting tired towards the end.  If you’re up, you know they don’t want to lose.  They’re going to go for it, so you might as well go for it too.

“Boldness is important.  We just kept telling each other to keep it up and keep it coming to them.”

Joanna Mather (Florida):
(On her and partner Marrit Boonstra’s upset over No. 4 seed Sophie Grabinski and Sanaz Marand of North Carolina) “The match was great. Marrit (Boonstra) and I really felt good out there. We just played smart and consistent. Mainly we were just thinking. We were calling plays that we knew would be in our advantage. Marrit played awesome. She’s played two really long matches already, so for her to come out here and play like that was fantastic.”

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