Division I NCAA Doubles Championships
Year Doubles Champion School
1982 Heather Ludloff and Lynn Lewis UCLA
1983 Louise Allen and Gretchen Rush Trinity (Tex)
1984 Elise Burgin and Linda Gates Stanford
1985 Leigh Ann Eldredge and Linda Gates Stanford
1986 Lise Gregory and Ronni Reis Miami (Fla)
1987 Katrina Adams and Diane Donnelly Northwestern
1988 Allyson Cooper and Stella Sampras UCLA
1989 Jackie Holden and Claire Pollard Mississippi St
1990 Meredith McGrath and Teri Whitlinger Stanford
1991 Jillian Alexander and Nicole Arendt Florida
1992 Mamie Ceniza and Iwalani McCalla UCLA
1993 Alix Creek and Michelle Oldham Arizona
1994 Rebecca Jensen and Nora Koves Kansas
1995 Keri Phebus and Susie Starrett UCLA
1996 Dawn Buth and Stephanie Nickitas Florida
1997 Dawn Buth and Stephanie Nickitas Florida
1998 Amanda Augustus and Amy Jensen California
1999 Amanda Augustus and Amy Jensen California
2000 Claire Curran and Amy Jensen California
2001 Whitney Laiho and Jessica Lehnhoff Florida
2002 Lauren Kalvaria and Gabriela Lastra Stanford
2003 Christina Fusano and Raquel Kops-Jones California
2004 Daniela Bercek and Lauren Fisher UCLA
2005 Alice Barnes and Erin Burdette Stanford
2006 Cristelle Grier and Alexis Prousis Northwestern
2007 Sara Anundsen and Jenna Long North Carolina
2008 Tracey Lin and Riza Zalameda UCLA
2009 Mari Andersson and Jana Juricova California
2010 Hilary Barte and Lindsay Burdette Stanford
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