DI Men Doubles Championship History
Doubles Champions
Year Doubles Champion School
1883 Joseph Clark and Howard Taylor Harvard (spring)
Howard Taylor and R.E. Presbrey Harvard (fall)
1884 Wallace P. Knapp and William V.S. Thorne Yale
1885 Wallace P. Knapp and Arthur L. Shipman Yale
1886 Wallace P. Knapp and William L. Thacher Yale
1887 P.S. Sears and Quincy Shaw Harvard
1888 V.G. Hall and Oliver Campbell Columbia
1889 Oliver Campbell and A.E. Wright Columbia
1890 Quincy Shaw and S.T. Chase Harvard
1891 Fred Hovey and Robert Wrenn Harvard
1892 Robert Wrenn and F.B. Winslow Harvard
1893 Malcolm Chace and C.R. Budlong Brown
1894 Malcolm Chace and Arthur E. Foote Yale
1895 Malcolm Chace and Arthur E. Foote Yale
1896 Leo Ware and W.M. Scudder Harvard
1897 Leo Ware and Malcolm Whitman Harvard
1898 Leo Ware and Malcolm Whitman Harvard
1899 Holcombe Ward and Dwight Davis Harvard
1900 Fred Alexander and Raymond Little Princeton
1901 H.A. Plummer and Samuel L. Russell Yale
1902 William Clothier and E.W. Leonard Harvard
1903 Fredrick Colston and E. Clapp Yale
1904 Karl Behr and G. Bodman Yale
1905 E.B. Dewhurst and H.B. Register Penn
1906 Howard S. Wells and Albert Spaulding Yale
1907 Nat Niles and A.S. Dabney Harvard
1908 H.M. Tilden and A. Thayer Penn
1909 Wallace Johnson and A. Thayer Penn
1910 Dean Mathey and Burnham Dell Princeton
1911 Dean Mathey and C.T. Butler Princeton
1912 George Church and W.H. Mace Princeton
1913 Watson Washburn and J.J. Armstrong Harvard
1914 Richard Williams and Richard Harte Harvard
1915 Richard Williams and Richard Harte Harvard
1916 G. Colket Caner and Richard Harte Harvard
1919 Charles Garland and K.N. Hawks Yale
1920 Amos Wilder and Leland Wiley Yale
1921 Brooks Fenno and William Feibleman Harvard
1922 James Davies and Philip Neer Stanford
1923 Lew White and Louis Thalheimer Texas
1924 Lew White and Louis Thalheimer Texas
1925 Gervais Hills and Gerald Stratford California
1926 Edward Chandler and Tom Stow California
1927 John Van Ryn and Kenneth Appel Princeton
1928 Ralph McElvenny and Alan Herrington Stanford
1929 Benjamin Gorchakoff and Arthur Kussman Occidental
1930 Dolf Muehleisen and Robert Muench California
1931 Bruce Barnes and Karl Kamrath Texas
1932 Keith Gledhill and Joseph Coughlin Stanford
1933 Joseph Coughlin and Sam Lee Stanford
1934 Gene Mako and Phillip Castlen SouthernCalifornia
1935 Richard Bennett and Paul Newton California
1936 Bennett Dey and William Seward Stanford
1937 Richard Bennett and Paul Newton California
1938 Joseph Hunt and Lewis Wetherell SouthernCalifornia
1939 Douglas Imhoff and Robert Peacock California
1940 Lawrence Dee and James Wade Stanford
1941 Charles Olewine and Charles Mattman Southern California
1942 Lawrence Dee and Frederick Schroeder Stanford
1943 John Hickman and Walter Driver Texas
1944 John Hickman and Felix Kelley Texas
1945 Francisco Segura and Thomas Burke Miami (Fla.)
1946 Robert Falkenburg and Thomas Falkenburg Southern California
1947 Sam Match and Bob Curtis Rice
1948 Fred Kovaleski and Bernard Bartzen William & Mary
1949 James Brink and Fred Fisher Washington
1950 Herbert Flam and Gene Garrett UCLA
1951 Earl Cochell and Hugh Stewart Southern California
1952 Clifton Mayne and Hugh Ditzler California
1953 Robert Perry and Lawrence Huebner UCLA
1954 Robert Perry and Ronald Livingston UCLA
1955 Francisco Contreras and Joaquin Reyes Southern California
1956 Alejandro Olmedo and Francisco Contreras Southern California
1957 Crawford Henry and Ronald Holmberg Tulane
1958 Alejandro Olmedo and Edward Atkinson Southern California
1959 Crawford Henry and Ronald Holmberg Tulane
1960 Larry Nagler and Allen Fox UCLA
1961 Rafael Osuna and Ramsey Earnhart Southern California
1962 Rafael Osuna and Ramsey Earnhart Southern California
1963 Rafael Osuna and Dennis Ralston Southern California
1964 Dennis Ralston and William Bond Southern California
1965 Ian Crookenden and Arthur Ashe UCLA
1966 Ian Crookenden and Charles Pasarell UCLA
1967 Stan Smith and Bob Lutz Southern California
1968 Stan Smith and Bob Lutz Southern California
1969 Joaquin Loyo-Mayo and Marcelo Lara Southern California
1970 Pat Cramer and Luis Garcia Miami (Fla.)
1971 Haroon Rahim and Jeff Borowiak UCLA
1972 Alex Mayer and Roscoe Tanner Stanford
1973 Alex Mayer and Jim Delaney Stanford
1974 John Whitlinger and Jim Delaney Stanford
1975 Butch Walts and Bruce Manson Southern California
1976 Peter Fleming and Ferdi Taygan UCLA
1977 Bruce Manson and Chris Lewis Southern California
1978 John Austin and Bruce Nichols UCLA
1979 Erick Iskersky and Ben McKown Trinity (Tex.)
1980 Mel Purcell and Rodney Harmon Tennessee
1981 David Pate and Karl Richter TCU
1982 Peter Doohan and Pat Serrat Arkansas
1983 Allen Miller and Ola Malmqvist Georgia
1984 Kelly Jones and Jerome Jones Pepperdine
1985 Kelly Jones and Carlos DiLaura Pepperdine
1986 Rick Leach and Tim Pawsat Southern California
1987 Rick Leach and Scott Melville Southern California
1988 Patrick Galbraith and Brian Garrow UCLA
1989 Eric Amend and Byron Black Southern California
1990 Doug Eisenman and Matt Lucena California
1991 Matt Lucena and Bent-Ove Pedersen California
1992 Chris Cocotos and Alex O'Brien Stanford
1993 David Blair and Mark Merklein Florida
1994 Laurent Miquelard and Joc Simmons Mississippi St.
1995 Mahesh Bhupahti and Ali Hamadeh Mississippi
1996 Justin Gimelstob and Srdjan Muskatirovic UCLA
1997 Luke Smith and Tim Blenkiron UNLV
1998 Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan Stanford
1999 K.J. Hippensteel and Ryan Wolters Stanford
2000 Cary Franklin and Graydon Oliver Illinois
2001 Matias Boeker and Travis Parrott Georgia
2002 Andrew Colombo and Mark Kovacs Auburn
2003 Rajeev Ram and Brian Wilson Illinois
2004 Sam Warburg and KC Corkery Stanford
2005 John Isner and Antonio Ruiz Georgia
2006 Kevin Anderson and Ryan Rowe Illinois
2007 Marco Born and Andreas Siljestrom Middle Tennessee State
2008 Robert Farah and Kaes Van't Hof USC
2009 Dominic Inglot and Michael Shabaz Virginia
2010 Drew Courtney and Michael Shabaz Virginia
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