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ITA Appeals/Protest Procedure

***Official ITA Team Match Protest Form***


1) How and when to file a protest:

Any coach who wishes to submit a match protest must inform the opposing coach in writing (by fax or email), with a copy sent at the same time to the ITA office (fax: 609-497-9586 or email cbrooks@itatennis.com). Both schools must be active ITA members and a coach must file a written protest within 48 hours of the start of the match. This is necessary even if the opposing coach and designated referee were informed of the protest at the time of the match. Once the ITA office receives a protest it will ask the opposing coach to submit in writing their side of the situation within 24 hours. When appropriate, the designated referee will also be asked to provide a written explanation. If you have a question about ITA rules and whether or not you can/should protest a match, you should contact the Chairs of the ITA Rules Committee.

Also, please note that if a match is between two schools from the same conference, any protest must be sent directly to and handled by the conference office, and the ITA is not permitted to get involved. The ITA is also not permitted to be involved in any conference or other national governing bodies postseason tournament (i.e. NCAA Championships). No exceptions.

2) Who reviews a protest:

Once a protest has been filed, it will be sent to a) an ITA Regional Ranking Committee if it involves teams from the same region, or b) the ITA National Ranking Committee if it involves teams from different regions. A protest may also be sent separately to the ITA Ethics and Infractions Committee, if the case warrants it. A complete listing of regional and national ranking committees is located on the ITA website, www.itatennis.com (under each division's rankings listing).

3) Additional information:

An ITA Ranking Committee has the right to make a ruling on a protest and, if appropriate, reverse or overturn a result for ITA Ranking purposes. The Committee may also decide that there should be no winner awarded for the match.  For Division I, individual match results will count towards ITA Individual Rankings, regardless of whether or not they have been reversed or suspended for the team score because they have been played in good faith (Adopted May 2012, ITA Operating Committee). The ITA will then recommend the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA committees consider this ruling for postseason selection/seeding. A coach also has the right to appeal a protest ruling made by an ITA Regional Ranking Committee to the National Ranking Committee (there are no appeals for ITA National Committee rulings). A conference ruling cannot be appealed to the ITA. A form to submit match protests is available on the ITA web site (under "Rules" on the menu bar).

ITA policy does not permit coaches to contact committee members before or after a protest decision is made to question this decision or ask for additional information.

In NCAA Divisions I, II, III and NAIA only, coaches will be allowed to protest a violation of the ITA “1 position move” rule (Rule II.K.4), even if he/she is not directly involved with the match.  This means that if a coach is not competing against a team whose line up is in violation, he/she can report this infraction to the ITA.  Coaches that have their line-up protested will be made aware of who submitted the protest.  The “1 position move” rule is the ONLY rule where a 3rd party protest can be filed.  Please see the ITA website for further details on these protest procedures.

Prior to the start of the event, if the concern involves ranking/tournament selection or a match/player matter, the issue should be presented to the ITA National Ranking & Tournament Committee; or if the concern involves an ethical or behavioral situation, the issue should be presented to the ITA Ethics and Infractions Committee.  Once on-site at an ITA national tournament, the first line of recourse is the on-site Tournament/Games Committee. When immediate action is necessary, the Tournament/Games Committee is responsible for reviewing the situation and making all final decisions.

At a Sanctioned or ITA Regional Tournament, the Tournament/Games Committee makes the on-site decision and subsequently notifies the party(ies). All appeals must be made to the Regional Committee.  If the matter involves ethical or behavioral situations, it must be presented to the ITA Ethics and Infractions Committee.

Appeals may be made on a regional level to the ITA Regional Committee; on a national level to the ITA National Tournament and Rankings Committee; or to the ITA Ethics and Infractions Committee for issues involving ethical of behavioral concerns. There are no appeals for ITA National Committee rulings.