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Mentoring Program

ITA Mentoring Program
Conference Call Series

Reminders & Quick Facts 


  1. Since space is limited, if you are unable to make a call that you had previously signed up for, please notify us as soon as possible so that the ITA can fill the open spot with a coach from the waiting list.  
  2. Calls will begin promptly at 11:30am (Eastern Time).  Joining late will be disruptive to the call so please do not attempt to join after 11:35am.
  3. Please join the call from a quiet place since all background noise can be heard by everyone on the call.
  4. When using a Blackberry or other PDA device to call in, please do not use the speakerphone since this can create feedback on the line that will be disruptive to everyone on the call. 

  5. Each call will last approximately 45 minutes and the format of each call will be different depending on the moderator. 
  6. When the call is over, please hang up. 

  7. All conference calls will be recorded and audio files will be made available on a password protected section of the ITA website for member coaches.

  8. Coaches will be responsible for incurring the cost of participating on the conference call (which will be similar to a long distance phone call).