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Mentoring Program 

The ITA Mentoring Program's monthly conference call series began on Tuesday, March 30th and will be open to 30 coaches on a first come first serve basis. A veteran coach will serve as the call moderator and will lead the discussion about the predetermined topic. The series will include one call per month and the topics and conference call registration will be posted on the ITA web site. Coaches will be responsible for incurring the cost of participating on the conference call (which will be similar to a long distance phone call). 

To view CC Series Reminders and Quick Facts, click here.

Registration Procedures
Coaches can register to participate on a conference call by signing up through the ITA web site. Registration will be open for one call at a time and will be made available the day following the conclusion of the previous call. A complete list of conference call dates, topics and call leaders can be found at www.ITAtennis.com, under “Coaches < Mentoring Program”. The Friday prior to each conference call, the ITA will send an email to notify the first 30 registered coaches that their spot has been reserved for the call. This email will also include the conference call number and any additional information such as handouts that have been provided by the call moderator. A waiting list will also be kept and these coaches will receive an email from the ITA notifying them that they will be contacted if someone cancels their reservation to participate on the call.

Coming Soon: Possible Conference Call Topics
- How my actions effect my team and the sport of tennis
- History and future vision of the ITA
- Player/Coach relationships: open and friendly or strictly professional?
- How to handle unfair players on your team
- Fundraising and Community Involvement
- NCAA rules
- How ITA and NCAA policy is made and how coaches can have a voice
- ITA Rankings breakdown
- How a coach can get his/her school administration supporting tennis
- Coach’s responsibility: to the player or to the institution?
- Domestic and international recruiting and the ethics involved