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Mentoring Program on Hold Until
Next Year

Conference Call Series: The ITA Mentoring Program's monthly conference call series began in the spring of 2010. The program is open to 30 coaches on a first come first serve basis. A veteran coach serves as the call moderator and leads the discussion about the predetermined topic. Coaches can register to participate on a conference call by signing up through the ITA website. (All calls will take place at 11:30am EST unless otherwise noted)

Objective: To create and develop a multifaceted program that allows younger, less experienced college tennis coaches to interact with and learn from veteran college coaches through a variety of settings and learning environments. An effective Mentoring Program will pass on skills, traditions, sport ethics, and pride in the game and our organization. 

Target Group: ITA members who have been approximately 5 years or less head coaching experience and all assistant coaches who are ITA members. There are currently about 180 head coaches, 280 Division I assistant coaches and 75 Small College assistant coaches who meet this criteria.

Program Components: The Conference Call component of this program will begin in March. And once each component that will be included in the Mentoring Program has been better formed, a timeline for building out that area will be discussed and finalized.

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Conference Call History
April 2015
"Ensuring That Your Program Is Relevant In An Age Of Uncertainty" - Bobby Bayliss (Notre Dame)
March 2015
"How Many Arrows Are in Your Quiver?" - Brad Dancer (Illinois)
Feb. 2015
"Working with your Strength & Conditioning Coach" - Jenny Mainz (Alabama)
Jan. 2015
"Fundraising" - Dick Gould (Stanford)
Nov. 2014
"Player Development" - Rodney Harmon (Georgia Tech)
Oct. 2014 "The Role of Assistant Coaches" - Adam Schaechterle & Cris James (Notre Dame)
April 2014
"Recruiting: The Lifeblood of Your Program" - Sheila McInerney (Arizona State)
March 2014 "Team Building" - Greg Patton (Boise State)
Feb. 2014 "How to Ensure a Good Relationship with Your Administration" - Tim Cass (New Mexico)
Jan. 2014 "Building Your Program - Building a Program Starts With Building a Culture" - Matt Knoll (Baylor)
Nov. 2013 "Player/Coach Relations" - Peter Smith (USC)
Oct. 2013
"Is This the Job I Applied For?" - Securing a Coaching Position That is Best Fitted To Your Talents And Coaching Philosophy Billy Pate (Princeton)
Sept. 2013
"Putting People In Seats" - How to promote your team and increase attendance at your matches David Roditi (Texas Christian University)
May 2013  "Building a Unified Team" - Adam Steinberg (Pepperdine) 
April 2013 "Gaining Momentum for Your Championship Season" - Pablo Montana (California U. of PA)
March 2013
"Team Building & Team Spirit" - Jenny Mainz (Alabama)
Feb. 2013  "The Keys to a Constructive Spring Season" - Manny Diaz (Georgia) 
Nov. 2012  "Setting Goals for Your Upcoming Season" - Mike Morgan (Middlebury) 
Oct. 2012 "The Dynamics of a Successful Coaching Staff" - George Husack (Alabama)
Sept. 2012 "Setting Expectations for Your Team's Season" - Rich Gallien (USC)
Aug. 2012 "Recruiting the Right Players for Your Team" - Per Nilsson, (Mississippi State)
May 2012 "Preparing Your Players for the Off-season" - Amanda Augustus (Cal)
April 2012 "Working With Players Who Have Professional Aspirations" - Kelly Jones (Furman University)
March 2012 "Bringing Your Program to the Next Level" - Paul Assaiante (Trinity College)
Feb. 2012 "How to Get the Most Out of Practice" - Dave Porter (BYU-Hawaii)
Jan. 2012 "Creating Successful Doubles Teams" - Alison Swain (Williams)
Nov. 2011 "ABCs of Building a Program" - Brian Boland (Virginia)
Oct. 2011 "Running a Tournament as a Successful Fundraising Tool for Your Program" - Peter Wright (Cal-Berkeley)
June 2011 "Setting a Schedule to Maximize Your Team's Potential" - Tony Bresky (Cornell)
May 2011 "Building Community Involvement to Develop a Fanbase and Fundraising Opportunities" - Kent DeMars (South Carolina)
April  2011 "Practice Plans: Tips for Making Practice More Effective" - Claire Pollard (Northwestern)
March 2011 "Personality Management" - Brian Kalbas (North Carolina)
Feb 2011 "Building Relationships" – Steve Wilkinson (Gustavus Adolphus)
Nov. 2010 "Coaching the Soul and Body/Team Building” - Greg Patton (Boise State)
Oct. 2010 "Balancing Act: Coaching Both Men's and Women's Programs" - Simon Earnshaw (Armstrong Atlantic State)
Sept. 2010 "Player/Coach Relationships" – Peter Smith (Southern California)
Aug 2010 "The Anecdote on How to Effectively Promote" – Tim Cass (New Mexico)
June 2010 "College Coaching as a Career - Navigating your opportunities and building your resume." -- Billy Pate (Alabama)
May 2010 "Ethics in Tennis" – Bobby Bayliss (Notre Dame)
April 2010 "Coaching Philosophy: What is the Message I Want to Send?" – Ann Lebedeff (Pomona-Pitzer)
March 2010 “As you sow, so shall you reap, or Karmic Koaching” – Dave Fish (Harvard)