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NAIA motion passed at NAIA Convention that will go into effect in August, 2008 (see items in bold)


Amend Article V, Section B, Item 17, as follows:

17. Season of Competition:

a. Participation in one or more intercollegiate contests whether in a varsity, junior varsity, or freshman

program. Seasons of competition for a transfer student will be determined under the rules of the

association under which they competed.

b. Participation in any athletic competition or training for which the participant receives compensation

including remuneration for expenses after September 1 in the year of high school graduation or the



1. If high school graduation or its equivalent cannot be ascertained then age 19 will be used as the


2. Unless specified elsewhere in the Bylaws (i.e. - Article V, Section F, Item 9) no student shall be

charged more than one Season of Competition during any 12- month period.

3. Athletes charged a Season of Competition pursuant to this paragraph must also comply with other

applicable NAIA Bylaws, including Article VII (Amateur Rules) and Article V, Section C (Eligibility


c. TENNIS ONLY - After high school graduation, participation in the main draw of a Women's Tennis

Association (WTA) or Association of Tennis Players (ATP) tournament.

EXCEPTION # 1: The student is not charged a season of competition for participation in a WTA or ATP

main draw if the student provides written confirmation from the tournament that the student was awarded

a wild card into the main draw.

EXCEPTION # 2: While enrolled as a full-time collegiate student, a student is not charged a season of

competition if the student:

1) Completes the ITA amateur form prior to participation in the tournament;

2) Does not accept expense reimbursement (including reimbursement permitted by other NAIA

regulations); and

3) Does not accept any prize money

INTENT: To provide a bench mark that identifies the experience in tennis that creates a season of


EFFECTIVE DATE: August 1, 2008

SUBMITTED BY: Golden State Athletic Conference