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For First-Time Users: Please be aware that for your results to be considered for the ITA College Tennis Rankings (and for NCAA institutions, to be used for NCAA seeding and selection purposes), you must enter all of your results using the online entry system on the ITA website.

Registration Process Required for all NEW users (Step 1):

1. Click the following to link to go to the User Registration page: Link to Registration Page.

2. In the Create Account section, fill in the blank sections.
    User Name: Create a name you can remember and also that can be visible to others.
    Password: Create a NEW password, that is more than five characters - that will be easy for  
    you to remember. 
    Confirm password: Re-enter your new password.
    E-mail: Enter your current email address. 
    Security Question and Answer: Create a question and answer that will be easy for you to 

3. Click on “Create User” after all the fill-in boxes are entered.

4. Add Team page – Select your team using the drop down menus. Note: if you are the coach or administrator for multiple teams, on this same page you'll be able to add your other teams after you have added your first one. 

    Original Password: Enter in your current team password. If you do not know your current 
    team password, please email us at support@itatennis.com.

5. Click on “Add Team to Account

6. If you are the coach or administrator for another team (i.e. men’s and women’s coach), you can add another team to your account on this page. If not, click on “Finished”.

7. Now you can log into your account, you’ll do this by clicking on the green "Login" button near the upper right hand corner of the page.

8. On the Log In page, enter in your newly created user name and password and click "Submit" . This will take you to the 'Team Login' page.

9. Your team(s) that you added in step 6 should now be selectable in the Select a team to manage' drop down box. Select the team that you want to manage, and then click "Submit".

10. You should now be directed to your coaches’ administration page.

Already Registered:
1. Click on the the following link: Link to Coach Login page 

2. In the Log-In section, enter your User Name and Password and click “Submit” -- (If you forget your user name or password, click on “Forgot your User Name and Password?". Follow the prompts to have the system email you temporary information. Once you are logged into your account, your temporary password can be changed by clicking on the "Change Account Password" menu item.)

3. You should now be directed to the coaches administration page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please make sure to also view our compiled list of frequently asked questions related to the new ITA Rankings System. This area details items like changing your password, creating your roster & entering your schedule.

***NOTE: Please be sure to have all match results entered before Midnight EST each Sunday unless advised otherwise.***