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NCAA Division I Update: NCAA Division I Update: Proposal 2009-22

Proposal 2009-22: Amateurism and Eligibility – Involvement with Professional Teams – Exception – Prior to Initial Full-Time Collegiate Enrollment – Delayed Enrollment – Seasons of Competition 
(For Tennis this also includes a reduction in the One Year Grace period to approximately six-months)

The NCAA Amateurism Cabinet has proposed an effective date change for the tennis portion of Proposal 2009-22 that includes for tennis a reduction in the grace period from one year to approximately a six month grace period. Although the current proposed effective date is August 1, 2011, the Amateurism Cabinet will be seeking to recommend that this be further amended to August 1, 2012.  But, this amended date must be approved during the upcoming NCAA governance meetings in April.  But for any part of the legislation to become effective, Proposal 2009-22 must be adopted by the NCAA Legislative Council, who will meet April 12-13.

This proposed effective date change would help to accommodate the 2010 HS grads who had already made the decision to take advantage of the one year grace period.  And 2011 HS grads would be subject to the Bylaw in its entirety should this proposal be passed.

IMPORTANT CAUTIONARY NOTE: The recommendation for amending the effective date must first be made and then regardless of its approval, the entire NCAA Proposal 2009-22 must be approved and adopted.  There is a possibility that the NCAA Legislative Council will approve this proposal in its current form with an effective date of August 1, 2011 for tennis.

Therefore, 2010 HS graduates should continue to operate under the assumption that they will be subject to the six month grace period until further notice.  We will continue to provide updates as they become available.