NAIA Coaches Workspace


NAIA Coaches Workspace

ITA Awards 2015-2016

All Academic Forms were sent to your email on Friday, May 20th. If you have not received an email from with the forms by Saturday, May 21st, please email Mary Edman (

Forms are due by June 30, 2016

*Please note if you coach two teams, you will receive two emails containing two separate forms - a men's and a women's form

ITA Dual-Match Contract - June 21, 2016
Out-of-Region Request Form - July 17
Tournament Codes:
ITA Amateur Form
NAIA Men's Regional Listing
NAIA Women's Regional Listing
NAIA Tennis Coaches Manual 
Early Decision Registration Now Accepting Applicants at the NAIA Eligibility Center
NAIA Regional Realignment Restructing Memo
ITA/NAIA Realignment Restructuring

Additional Information