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Division III Coaches Workspace

ITA Awards 2015-2016

All Academic Forms were sent to your email on Friday, May 20th. If you have not received an email from echosign@echosign.com with the forms by Saturday, May 21st, please email Mary Edman (medman@itatennis.com).

Forms are due by June 30, 2016

*Please note if you coach two teams, you will receive two emails containing two separate forms - a men's and a women's form

 ITA General Information
ITA Dual-Match Contract - June 21, 2016
Out-of-Region Request Forms - July 17
Third-Party Protests
Division III ONLY
Division III Rankings Criteria
Division III Rankings Committee Structure & Responsibilities
Division III Men's Regional Listing
Division III Women's Regional Listing
NCAA Tournament Information
NCAA Lineup Submission Link (due Sunday, May 3 at 8pm ET)
NCAA Division III Men's and Women's Annual Report (December 2014)
NCAA Division III Championships News - April 6, 2015
NCAA Memo Regarding Posting Results on ITA Website - April 2, 2015
Exception to Playing and Practice Seasons - ITA National Small College Championships participation
Division III Championships News - April Edition
Additional Information