California Junior/Community Colleges Northern California Rankings - March 20
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California Junior/Community Colleges Northern California Rankings
Administered by the ITA
March 20, 2014
Rank School  
1 Sierra College  
2 Foothill College  
3 Fresno City College  
4 Chabot College  
5 Diablo Valley College  
6 American River College  
7 Modesto Junior College  
8 Reedley College  
9 College of Sequoias  
10 City College of San Francisco  
Rank Player School
1 Maya Mammetgulyeva Fresno City College
2 Stepahnie Ramos Sierra College
3 Suzanne Lin  Diablo Valley College
4 Naja Simmons  Foothill College
5 Julia Golub Chabot College
6 Claudia Plascencia Astudillo American River College
7 Olesya Besprovannykh Foothill College
8 Jacquelin Ward Sierra College
9 Chiara Adamo Modesto Junior College
10 Bethany Caldwell Sierra College
11 Chelsea Corby Diablo Valley College
12 Clare Frye Reedley College
13 Cori Beeby Sierra College
14 Valeriya Provorova Foothill College
15 Arlesha Samuda Chabot College
16 Brittany Leon Modesto Junior College
17 Bailey Wisley Reedley College
18 Brianna Brown Fresno City College
19 Estafania Toscano American River College
20 Morgan Cohen College of Sequoias
21 Candace Egan Fresno City College
22 Savannah Hayes City College of San Francisco
23 Angel Tran Santa Rosa Junior College
24 Dora Do Chabot College
25 Carmen Misca American River College
Rank Doubles Team School
1 Jacquelin Ward/Stephanie Ramos Sierra College
2 Susanne Lin/Chelsea Corby Diablo Valley College
3 Kyssia Mendoza/Olesya Besprovannykh Foothill College
4 Clare Frye/Bailey Wisley Reedley College
5 Maya Mammetgulyeva/Briawna Brown Fresno City College
6 Claudia Astudillo/Estafania Toscano American River College
7 Julia Golub/Arlesha Samuda Chabot College
8 Najah Simmons/Alex Miller Foothill College
9 Chiara Adamo/Brittany Leon Modesto Junior College
10 Bethany Caldwell/Cori Beeby Sierra College

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