Junior/Community Colleges Men's Region II Rankings - April 17
Junior/Community Colleges Men's Region II Rankings
Administered by the ITA
April 17, 2014
Rank School  
1 Laredo Community College  
2 Tyler Junior College  
3 Seminole State College  
4 Collin College  
5 Mesa Community College  
6 Jacksonville Community College  
7 Temple Community College  
8 New Mexico Military Institute  
Rank Player School
1 Mate Cutura Tyler Junior College
2 Christian Coetzee Collin College
3 Arturo Pinazo Laredo Community College
4 Vasil Surduk Seminole State College
5 Vaughn Hunter Tyler Junior College
6 Hector Ramirez Laredo Community College
7 Tendai Tapfuma Seminole State College
8 James Martell Tyler Junior College
9 Hamid Derbani Laredo Community College
10 Graham Shaw Collin College
11 Gustavo D Ascenzi  Mesa Community College
12 Ryan Hudelson Tyler Junior College
13 Jose De Sario Laredo Community College
14 Tyler Bridges Seminole State College
15 Brandon Yang Collin College
16 Ricardo Berlinga Jacksonville College
17 Oriol Felipe  Mesa Community College
18 Trey Seymour Tyler Junior College
19 Drew Forsyth Seminole State College
20 Dillon Eizember Tyler Junior College
21 Alex Brown Seminole State College
22 Dalton Woodfin Temple College
23 Kevin McMahon Mesa Community College
24 Aaron Longoria Temple College
25 Gino Raneri Collin College
Rank Doubles Team School
1 Ramirez/De Sario Laredo Community College
2 Tapfuma/Surduk Seminole State College
3 Martell/Cutura Tyler Junior College
4 Derbani/Pinazo Laredo Community College
5 Coetzee/Shaw Collin College
6 Hudelson/Hunter Tyler Junior College
7 Haag/Carritos Mesa Community College
8 Bridges/Brown Seminole State College
9 Polanco/Berlinga Jacksonville College
10 Funk/Ibbott Collin College
11 Felipe/Nguyen Mesa Community College
12 Seymour/Eizember Tyler Junior College
13 Yang/Raneri Collin College
14 Forsyth/Vechione Seminole State College
15 Hendel/Woodfin Temple College

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