California Junior/Community Colleges Men's Northern California Rankings - March 20
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California Junior/Community Colleges Northern California Rankings
Administered by the ITA      
March 20, 2014      
Rank School      
1 Fresno City College      
2 Foothill College      
3 American River College      
4 Modesto Junior College      
5 Santa Rosa Junior College      
6 Chabot College      
7 Sierra College      
8 Diablo Valley College      
9 Reedley College      
10 Mission College      
Rank Player School    
1 Lovedeep Singh American River College    
2 Matt Alves Fresno City College    
3 Sean Talmadge Foothill College    
4 Jakov Tshkirkin Fresno City College    
5 Wallace Lau Foothill College    
6 Scott Gray Fresno City College    
7 Brenden Lum Foothill College    
8 Kevin Valentine American River College    
9 Bryce Purser Modesto Junior College    
10 Brandon Lew Chabot College    
11 Roy Eldred Diablo Valley College    
12 Alec Bessinger Fresno City College    
13 Jimmy Giovannini American River College    
14 Adrien Varenne Fresno City College    
15 John Sharp Santa Rosa Junior College    
16 Alvaro Varon Foothill College    
17 Adam Duong American River College    
18 Rick Peloso Modesto Junior College    
19 Austin Tay Modesto Junior College    
20 Kevin To Santa Rosa Junior College    
21 Wyatt Kershaw Fresno City College    
22 Vaughn Asuncion Diablo Valley College    
23 Ervin Flores Mission College    
24 James Han Foothill College    
25 Alex Bychkoviak Sierra College    
Rank Doubles Team School    
1 Adam Duong/Lovedeep Singh American River College    
2 Matt Alves/Scott Gray Fresno City College    
3 Jimmy Giovannini/Kevin Valentine American River College    
4 Sean Talmadge/Alvaro Varon Foothill College    
5 Alec Bessinger/Adrien Varenne Fresno City College    
6 Wallace Lau/Brenden Lum Foothill College    
7 Joey Rivera/Jakov Tshkirkin Fresno City College    
8 Spencer Germain/Brandon Lew Chabot College    
9 John Sharp/Kevin To Santa Rosa Junior College    
10 Vaughn Asuncion/Roy Eldred Diablo Valley College    

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