SOUTHEAST Rankings - Jan. 3, 2013

SOUTHEAST Singles Rankings - Jan. 3, 2013

Rank Player School
1 KU Singh University of Georgia
2 Hernus Pieters University of Georgia
3 Nathan Pasha University of Georgia
4 Florent Diep University of Florida
5 Juan Spir Georgia Tech
6 Bob van Overbeek University of Florida
7 Victor Valente Georgia State University
8 Moritz Buerchner University of North Florida
9 Benjamin Lock Florida State University
10 Federico Sabogal University of South Florida
11 Dominic Cotrone Florida State University
12 Gordon Watson University of Florida
13 Lucas Santa Ana Georgia State University
14 Simon Julin Stetson University
15 Michael Alford University of Florida
16 Victor Mauz University of Miami (Florida)
17 Sofiane Chevallier Georgia State University
18 Juan Melian Georgia Tech
19 Ben Wagland University of Georgia
20 Jordan Kelly-Houston Florida State University

SOUTHEAST Doubles Rankings - Jan. 3, 2013

Rank Doubles Team School
1 Vikram Hundal/Juan Spir Georgia Tech
2 Ben Wagland/Hernus Pieters University of Georgia
3 Moritz Buerchner/Norbert Nemcsek University of North Florida
4 Benjamin Lock/Andres Bucaro Florida State University
5 Nathan Pasha/Ben Wagland University of Georgia
6 Florent Diep/Michael Alford University of Florida
7 Juan Spir/Eduardo Segura Georgia Tech
8 Sofiane Chevallier/Robert Schulze Georgia State University
9 Anderson Reed/Jordan Kelly-Houston Florida State University
10 Andres Bucaro/Michael Rinaldi Florida State University

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