June 8, 2011 - Southeast Region DI Women
Women's Southeast Rankings
Administered by the ITA
NCAA Division I Tennis
June 8, 2011


Rank School
1 University of Florida
2 University of Miami
3 University of Georgia
4 Georgia Tech University
5 Florida State University
6 University of South Florida
7 Georgia State University
8 Florida International University
9 College of Charleston
10 University of Central Florida


Rank Player School
1 Allie Will University of Florida
2 Bianca Eichkorn University of Miami (Florida)
3 Lauren Embree University of Florida
4 Chelsey Gullickson University of Georgia
5 Jillian O’Neill Georgia Tech
6 Irene Rehberger University of South Florida
7 Katie Rybakova Florida State University
8 Anna Bartenstein University of Miami (Florida)
9 Joanna Mather University of Florida
10 Alex Cercone University of Florida
11 Olivia Janowicz University of Florida
12 Noemie Scharle Florida State University
13 Nadja Gilchrist University of Georgia
14 Janette Bejlkova University of South Florida
15 Christina Ngo Georgia Tech
16 Liset Brito Florida International University (FIU)
17 Maho Kowase University of Georgia
18 Cameron Ellis University of Georgia
19 Caroline Lilley Georgia Tech
20 Ecaterina Vasenina University of South Florida


Rank Team School
1 Bianca Eichkorn/Ana Bartenstein University of Miami (Florida)
2 Alex Cercone/Allie Will University of Florida
3 Chelsey Gullickson/Kate Fuller University of Georgia
4 Sophie Oyen/Alli Will University of Florida
5 Caroline Lilley/Jillian O’Neil University of Georgia
6 Lauren Embree/Sophie Oyen University of Florida
7 Caroline Hitimana/Joanna Mather University of Florida
8 Francesca Segarelli/Ruth Seaborne Florida State University
9 Abigail Tere-Apisah/Maryna Kozachenko Georgia State University
10 Nadja Gilchrist/Lilly Kimbell University of Georgia

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