Division II Men - Atlantic May 3, 2011

Division II Men - Atlantic
Administered by the ITA                                                              
May 3, 2011              

1. Shaw University

2. West Virginia Wesleyan
3. Bluefield State
4. Winston-Salem
5. Virginia State
6. West Liberty
7. Concord

Note: All institutions must be a member of the ITA in order to be rank and have their players rank.

1. Shikar Kapar, Bluefield State University
2. Marc Rosner, West Virginia Wesleyan University
3. Alvaro Ochoa

, West Virginia Wesleyan University
5. Danilo Franciscon, West Virginia Wesleyan University
6. Keith Whittingham, Mercyhurst College
8. Carlos Guarin, Shaw University
9. Fabien Mevs, Fairmont Sate University
10. Brian Coxton, Winston-Salem State University
11. Gabriel Nicotra, Shaw University
12. Kalada Kienka, Shaw University

1. Ochoa-Rosner, West Virginia Wesleyan University
2. Nicotral/Suca, Shaw University
3. Kupar-Zivkovic, Bluefield State University
4. Whittingham/der Veer, Mercyhurt College
5. Marnik-Ammouni, Mercyhurst College
6. Coxton/Hunter, Winston-Salem State University
7.Kalada Kienka/Daniel Vasquez, Shaw University
8. Sanchez-Majchrzak, Bluefield State University
9. Mevis-Michael, Fairmount State University

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