April 14, 2011 - DIII Women's Atlantic South
DIII Women - Atlantic South
Administered by the ITA
April 14, 2011


Rank School
1 Emory University
2 Washington and Lee University
3 Johns Hopkins University
4 Carnegie Mellon University
5 University of the South
6 University of Mary Washington
7 Rhodes College
8 Methodist University
9 Washington College
10 Salisbury University
11 Swarthmore College
12 Muhlenberg College
13 Haverford College
14 Hollins University
15 Centre College
16 Birmingham Southern College
17 Huntingdon Collge
18 Bridgewater College
19 Wilkes University
20 Sweet Briar College


Rank Player School
1 Gabrielle Clark Emory University
2 Laura Chen Carnegie Mellon University
3 Jordan Wylie Emory University
4 Carolyn Warren Johns Hopkins University
5 Nandita Krishnan Johns Hopkins University
6 Ellen Yeatman Washington and Lee University
7 Courtney Chin Carnegie Mellon University
8 Ariel Holness Taylor SweetBriar College
9 Lauren Lukas Washington and Lee University
10 Kate Stanford University of South
11 Lorne McManigle Emory University
12 Zahra Dawson Emory University
13 Courtney Goimarac University Mary Washington
14 Hailey Hogan Johns Hopkins University
15 Jenny Liles University of South
16 Megan Lawlor University Mary Washington
17 Amanda Bercovici Washington College
18 Anna Beth Sanford Rhodes College
19 Katie Scott Huntingdon College
20 Alice Havner Rhodes College
21 Jennifer Snyder Washington and Lee University
22 Brittany Marshall Washington College
23 Lia Carlson Swarthmore College
24 Alex Tapak Carnegie Mellon University
25 Kathryn Hays Centre College


Rank Team School
1 Nandita Krishnan/Hailey Hogan Johns Hopkins University
2 Jenny Liles/Kate Stanford University of the South
3 Laura Chen/Courtney Chin Carnegie Mellon University
4 Trelsie Sadler/Lauren Lukas Washington and Lee University
5 Lorne McManigle/Gabrielle Clark Emory University
6 Zahra Dawson/Jordan Wylie Emory University
7 Jordan Finnegan/Brittany Marshall Washington College
8 Anna Beth Sanford/ Alice Havner Rhodes College
9 Courtney Goimarac/Megan Lawlor University of Mary Washington
10 Ellen Yeatman/Jennifer Snyder Washington and Lee University
11 Priscilla Montoya/Karen Montoya Hollins University
12 Ariel Holness Taylor/Moriah Burke Sweet Briar College
13 Jennifer Chui/Alex Tapak Carnegie Mellon University
14 Kaitlin Flaherty/Katherine Meindl Methodist College
15 Jami Fein/Kerry McKinley Moravian College

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