May 3, 2012 - Women's Division III Atlantic South
Division III Women - Atlantic South
Administered by the ITA
May 3, 2012

Note: The ITA Rankings are separate from the NCAA selection process and have no bearing on selection to the NCAA Division III Championship field.

Rank School
1 Emory University
2 Carnegie Mellon University
3 Washington and Lee University
4 Johns Hopkins University
5 University of the South
6 University of Mary Washington
7 Wilkes College
8 Swarthmore College
9 Dickinson College
10 Methodist University
11 Millsaps College
12 Elizabethtown College
13 North Carolina Weslyean College
14 Agnes Scott College
15 Meredith College
16 Salisbury University
17 Christopher Newport University
18 Haverford College
19 Berry College
20 Birmingham-Southern College
Rank Player School
1 Gabrielle Clark Emory University
2 Sonja Meighan Washington and Lee University
3 Katie Cecil Carnegie Mellon University
4 Lauren Lukas Washington and Lee University
5 Hailey Hogan Johns Hopkins University
6 Lindsay Raulston University of Mary Washington
7 Lia Carlson Swarthmore College
8 Laura Chen Carnegie Mellon University
9 Jordan Wylie Emory University
10 Elaine Baik Johns Hopkins University
11 Jenny Liles University of South
12 Chelsea Motie Carnegie Mellon University
13 Nandita Krishnan Johns Hopkins University
14 Karen Montoya Hollins University
15 Bronte Goodhue Univeristy of South
16 Jordan Finnegan Washington College
17 Jennifer Snyder Washington and Lee University
18 Patricia Kirland Washington and Lee University
19 Courtney Chin Carnegie Mellon University
20 Zahra Dawson Emory University
21 Elizabeth Lucas University of South
22 Mika Padmanabhan Emory University
23 Deena Li Kam Wa Millsaps College
24 Puja Patel Meredith College
25 Alexandra Ferrara Haverford College
Rank Team School
1 Zahra Dawson/Gabrielle Clark Emory University
2 Nandita Krishman/Hailey Hogan Johns Hopkins University
3 Laura Chen/Courtney Chin Carnegie Mellon University
4 Jenny Liles/Bronte Goodhue University of the South
5 Mika Padmanabhan/Brenna Kelly Emory University
6 Chelsea Motie/Bryn Rasche Carnegie Mellon University
7 Abby Clark/Shannon Herndon Johns Hopkins University
8 Lauren Lukas/Trelsie Sadler Washington and Lee University
9 Jillian Poppe/Roxanne Alban Salisbury University
10 Laura Baker/Katherine Meindl Methodist College
11 Puja Patel/Caroline Hunt Meredith College
12 Lia Carlson/Emily Rosenblum Swarthmore College
13 Shannon Lavery/Alysia Rodgers Dickinson College
14 Lauren Williams/Deena Li Kam Wa Millsaps College
15 Rachel Storz/Natalie Mayer Agnes Scott College
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