November 8, 2010 - ITA NJCAA Women's Region IV Ranking
NJCAA Women's National Rankings
Administered by the ITA
November 8, 2010


Rank School
1 St.  Petersburg College
2 Georgia Perimeter College
3 Hillsborough Communty College
4 State College of Florida
5 Florida State College of Jacksonville
7 Broward Community College
8 Central Alabama Community College


Rank Singles School
1  Mariana Palacios State College of Florida
2 Salma Dahbi Georgia Perimeter College
3  Greta Veinberga St. Petersburg College
4 Sadia Mayou Georgia Perimeter College
5  Jovana Vasic  St. Petersburg College
6 Ekaterina Vezhenikova Florida State College of Jacksonville
7 Chanel Cunningham ABAC
8 Yurina Kunishima St. Petersburg College
9 Mary Claire Slade Georgia Perimeter College
10  Paula Gruber Hillsborough Community College
11 Justyna Wojik Broward Community College
12  Linda Winter Florida State College of Jacksonville
13 Bia Miranda ABAC
14 Sara Johansson Hillsborough Community College
15 Stephanie Cardullo Broward Community College
16 Molly Lentini Florida State College of Jacksonville
17 Mayra Underhill Broward Community College
18 Tiffany Aquirre State College of Florida
19 Stephanie Dunsieth St. Petersburg College
20 Asia Boyd Georgia Perimeter College
21 Moya Williams Broward Community College
22 Terri Thomas Hillsborough Community College
23  Eliana Ramirez Florida State College of Jacksonville
24 Jordan Carter ABAC
25 Zorica Djuric Florida State College of Jacksonville
26  Monica Biceno Broward Community College
27 Andrea Tyson Florida State College of Jacksonville
28 McKenzie O’Brien Hillsborough Community College
29 Madlena Gueorguiev St. Petersburg College
30 Jibri Bailey Hillsborough Community College
31 Tiffany Easton St. Petersburg College
32 Amanda Ingrilli Hillsborough Community College
33 Bailey Diserio Central Alabama Community College
34  Lauren Bock State College of Florida
35  Lindsay Hodgdon St. Petersburg College
36 Deanna Williams Hillsborough Community College
37 Michelle Barton Broward Community College
38 Laine DeNeux Central Alabama Community College
39 Stephanie Perry-Miles Broward Community College


Rank Players School
1 Slade/Mayou Georgia Perimeter College
2 Veinberga/Vasic  St. Petersburg College
3 Gruber/Johansson Hillsborough Community College
4  Williams/ Wocik Broward Community College
5 Casseres/Dahbi Georgia Perimeter College
6 Lentini/ Djuric Florida State College of Jacksonville
7 Cunningham/Carter ABAC
8 Palacios/ Aguirre State College of Florida
9  Sine/ Thomas Hillsborough Community College
10 Verzhenikova- Winter Florida State College of Jacksonville
11 Kunishima/ Dunseith St. Petersburg College
12 Underhill/ Carullo Broward Community College
13 Reis/ Easton St. Petersburg College
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