June 7, 2010 - Midwest Rankings DI Women
Women’s Midwest Rankings
Administered by the ITA
NCAA Division I Tennis
June 7, 2010

Rank School
1 University of Notre Dame
2 Northwestern University
3 University of Michigan
4 University of Illinois
5 Ohio State University
6 DePaul University
7 University of Wisconsin
8 University of Akron
9 University of Illinois - Chicago
10 Western Michigan University
Rank Player School
1 Maria Mosolova Northwestern University
2 Kristy Frilling University of Notre Dame
3 Denise Muresan University of Michigan
4 Samantha Murray Northwestern University
5 Shannon Matthews University of Notre Dame
6 Anna Redecsi DePaul University
7 Kirsten Flower Ohio State University
8 Megan Fudge University of Illinois
9 Zaruhi Haratyunyan University of Akron
10 Lauren Lui Northwestern University
11 Whitney Taney University of Michigan
12 Chrissie McGaffigan University of Notre Dame
13 Cosmina Ciobanu University of Notre Dame
14 Kate Turvy Northwestern University
15 Kali Krisik University of Notre Dame
16 Paloma Escobedo Ohio State University
17 Mimi Nguyen University of Michigan
18 Selma Salkovic DePaul University
19 Angelina Jogasuria University of Akron
20 Kelsey Haviland Ohio State University
Rank Team School
1 Kristy Frilling / Kali Krisik University of Notre Dame
2 Anna Redecsi / Selma Salkovic DePaul University
3 Whitney Taney / Rika Tatsuno University of Michigan
4 Lauren Lui / Elena Chernyakova Northwestern University
5 Megan Fudge / Leigh Finnegan University of Illinois
6 Cosmina Ciobanu / Shannon Matthew University of Notre Dame
7 Cami Hubbs / Kelsey Haviland Ohio State University
8 Mimi Nguyen / Michelle Sulihan University of Michigan
9 Christina Ruiz / Rachel Hush Marquette University
10 Maria Mosolova / Brittany Wowchuk Northwestern University
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