NAIA Men Fall Rankings Update, and Deadlines

Oct. 2008

Hello Coach,

This year for the Men's NAIA Rankings there will be a new rankings procedure.  The Men's Committee is requesting that all submissions of Teams, Singles and Doubles players that want to be considered for rankings be made on a standardized form.  The forms are due to be submitted to the Men's NAIA Rankings committee, by Friday, November 14th, by 12 noon (your local time).

(The Women's NAIA Rankings Committee will be doing a different rankings process this year, they will be doing online submissions of results instead.)

We have included below Adobe Acrobat forms (for hand written / fax submission) and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (for email submission).  If you are comfortable with using excel, the spreadsheet will probably help save time by not having to re-enter records for the next rankings period.  You only have to submit forms for your team or players who you wish to be considered for rankings.

Men's Ranking Committee (Name, School, e-mail, office phone, fax)
David Paschal, Embry-Riddle - (chair), tel: 386-323-5009, fax: 386-323-5002
Kris Miller, Oklahoma Christian -, tel: 405-425-5305, fax: 405-425-5901
Rich Hill, Point Loma -, tel: 619-849-2206, fax: 619-849-2553

ITA Staff Member Assisting with NAIA Rankings
Michael Sing,, tel: 609-497-6922, fax: 609-497-9586

Please send your submissions to all four NAIA Men's Rankings Chairs, and to Michael Sing on the ITA staff.

The ranking deadline dates are posted below for the 2008-09 season.  Also new for this season - the NAIA Men's and Women's Committees are hoping to publish regional rankings at least once during the spring season.

If you have any further questions please contact one of the Rankings Committee Members or the Michael at the ITA office.  Michael at the ITA office can assist with any technical support questions related to the filling out or printing of the forms.

 ITA Staff

Dates for 2008-09 Men's & Women's Team Singles & Doubles Rankings

National Fall/Preseason ranking
Coaches submit info to committee...Wednesday, December 3
Posted Friday, December 5  (New Release Date to be Announced Shortly)

First Spring Ranking
Coaches submit to committee...Friday, March 13
Posted Wednesday, March 25

Second Spring Ranking
Coaches submit to committee...Friday, April 3
Posted Wednesday, April 15

Final Spring Ranking
As many members of the committee as possible will meet during NAIA nationals in May, to determine the final singles and doubles rankings.  This is to allow national tournament play to be considered in the ranking.  Coaches whose teams are competing at nationals may get their data to committee members, or to the national chair, at the coaches meeting on the Sunday afternoon of tournament week.  Coaches who will not be at the national tournament should submit stats for their players to the committee not later than Friday, May 8.  The final rankings will be submitted to ITA for posting by May 29.

Forms for Rankings Submissions
You may use either the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for submission.

Adobe Acrobat Forms - please submit one form per player/team

Men's Form for Rankings Submission - Singles Form - adobe acrobat (.pdf) format  link

Men's Form for Rankings Submission - Doubles Form -adobe acrobat (.pdf) format  link

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets - each sheet has multiple tabs, so only one spreadsheet is needed per player/team

Men's Form for Rankings Submission - Singles Form
- Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet  link

Men's Form for Rankings Submission - Doubles Form
- Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet  link

(Michael Sing at the ITA office can assist with any technical support questions related to the filling out or printing of the forms, email:, tel: 609-497-6922)

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