2009 Division III Award Winners

Division III Men

AWARD Coach of the Year
NORTHEAST Dave Schwarz, Middlebury
ATLANTIC SOUTH John Browning, Emory University
CENTRAL Roger Follmer, Washington University
WEST Paul Settles, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges
AWARD Asst Coach of Yr
NORTHEAST Francisco Gomez, Stevens Institute of Technology
ATLANTIC SOUTH Michael Belmonte, Carnegie Mellon University
CENTRAL John Cox, Kenyon College
WEST Russel McMindes, Trinity University
AWARD Arthur Ashe
NORTHEAST James Neely, Bowdoin College
ATLANTIC SOUTH Yiran Liu, Carnegie Mellon University
CENTRAL John Pelton, Hope College
WEST Dustin Phillips, Univ. of Tyler-Texas
AWARD Senior Player
NORTHEAST Zachary Lerner, Amherst College
ATLANTIC SOUTH Michael Goodwin, Emory University
CENTRAL Charlie Cutler, Washington University
WEST Lawrence Wang, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges
AWARD Player to Watch
NORTHEAST Nick Lebedoff, Williams
ATLANTIC SOUTH Antti Saari, North Carolina Wesleyan College
CENTRAL William Zhang, University of Chicago
WEST Robert Sajovich, University of Texas-Tyler
AWARD Rookie Player
NORTHEAST Austin Chafetz, Amherst College
ATLANTIC SOUTH Chris Goodwin, Emory University
CENTRAL Tomas Piskacek, Kenyon College
WEST Max Frey, Trinity University
Division III Women


Coach of the Year
NORTHEAST Kate Bayard, Tufts University
ATLANTIC SOUTH Chuck Willenborg, Johns Hopkins University
CENTRAL Marty Perry, University of Chicago
WEST Jo Wagstaff, Whitworth
AWARD Asst Coach of Yr
NORTHEAST Karen Wells, Middlebury College
ATLANTIC SOUTH Meredith Vincent, Emory University
CENTRAL Peter Homorody, Denison University
WEST Brittany Biebl, Pomona-Pitzer
AWARD Arthur Ashe
NORTHEAST Karina Pikhart, MIT
ATLANTIC SOUTH Jordan Casey, The University of the South
CENTRAL Kristine Lewry, DePauw University
WEST Paige Sumida, University of Redlands
AWARD Senior Player
NORTHEAST Sarah D'Elia, Bowdoin College
ATLANTIC SOUTH Katie Tabb, Washington & Lee University
CENTRAL Meghan Damico, Denison University
WEST Rebecca Lange, Pomona-Pitzer
AWARD Player to Watch
NORTHEAST Nicole Pontee, Vassar College
ATLANTIC SOUTH Anna Beth Sanford, Rhodes College
CENTRAL Janelle Arita, DePauw University
WEST Katy Poettcker, Trinity University
AWARD Rookie Player
NORTHEAST Victoria Aiello, Middlebury College
ATLANTIC SOUTH Laura Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
CENTRAL Kendra Higgins, University of Chicago
WEST Katie Griffith, Trinity University
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