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Siegel's Story Scroll-2017-04-17

On July 28, 2015, life changed in an instant for former Texas Tech men’s tennis head coach Tim Siegel and his family, when 9-year-old son Luke was involved in a tragic accident that led to a six-month hospital stay.

Just 19 days before Luke’s accident, Siegel retired from college tennis to “spend more time with (his) family.” Over the past year, Siegel has devoted his time to the creation of the Team Luke Foundation. The Team Luke Foundation (www.teamlukefoundation.com) officially launched in January of 2017, with a mission to bring awareness and provide critical support and assistance to families with children who have suffered an anoxic or traumatic brain injury.

Today, the ITA is honored to present ‘Siegel’s Story’, a short feature film that outlines the accident and college tennis’ impact on the Team Luke Foundation.