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PlaySight and the ITA Match of the Week

Date: Saturday February 20th, 2016
Time: 1:00pm CST
Location: Greenwood Tennis Center. Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Teams Playing (women):
(33) University of Washington Huskies @ (14) Oklahoma State Cowgirls

PlaySight has already been a significant benefit for the Cowgirls (and Cowboys) of Oklahoma State since Smart Courts and Live Courts were installed at the Greenwood Tennis Center last month. Women’s assistant coach Nathan Robinson has already seen the changes that PlaySight has brought to the team’s practices.

“It’s allowing [the players] to see stuff that we see, and it’s just allowing for a quicker change for them to understand what’s going on and how it’s working for them. It’s [also] allowing us to put the players through a lot of repetitions in a more competitive environment. Now there’s numbers and stuff like that, they can feel that competition and pressure, which is going to help in the long run when they are in their matches.”

Head coach Chris Young is also enjoying the live streaming that PlaySight has brought to his team and the OK State program.

“The live streaming clarity was great. We watched it from in our locker room while the other teams were playing, and the great thing is that our girls parents got to watch them play for the first time this season.”

For more on PlaySight’s cutting-edge tennis technology, check out their website.

If you are interested in finding out more about Smart Court or Live Court technology for your college program, contact PlaySight here. PlaySight, together with the ITA, is bringing college tennis into the 21st century with an affordable live streaming solution, as well as the most cutting-edge video and analytics sports technology in the world.

Link to Watch: https://www.playsight.com/livestreaming (search ‘Oklahoma State”)

  1. Go to the above link at match time, and tune in! Click on the video window to watch (you can choose which court to tune into)

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