Women's Tennis Meets with Bellefonte Elementary Students

Women's Tennis Meets with Bellefonte Elementary Students
Team traveled to Bellefonte Elementary to teach children about healthy eating

Courtesy: Penn State Athletics

Members of the Penn State women's tennis team spoke to the children of Bellefonte Elementary last Wednesday about healthy eating and staying in shape.

The trip was part of the team's continued community service efforts and provided role models for the students to look at as to how to stay fit.

The team's visit came as part of a two-year program, inititated by students of the elementary school, to promote healthy lunch alternatives. Penn State was awarded $800,000 from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to help the project.

Penn State President Graham Spanier was also in attendance, along with professor Dr. Pete Bordi.

Players spoke to the children about how they eat and train in order to stay in top physical condition, and how this can relate back to the children's eating habits. A majority of the time at Bellefonte was spent educating the children on what makes a meal nutritional, and how they can avoid fats and unhealthy food. Bellefonte Elementary is one of 40 schools in the state being granted $5,000 from the Pennsylvania Health Department and $10,000 from a private organization.

The team has begun practice for their first competitive matches of the season at this weekend's Midland Tournament. The tournament will feature 17 teams from across the nation.

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