Carleton Tennis Welcomes New Courts to Bell Field

Carleton Tennis Welcomes New Courts to Bell Field

Courtesy: Carleton Athletics (Bryce Gray '11)

NORTHFIELD, Minn. -- Carleton College tennis fans have more than just the men’s and women’s teams to be excited about this year. This summer the Knights’ home courts on Bell Field were expanded and completely revamped. The facelift included the addition of two more courts, while all of the six existing courts were resurfaced.

Men’s tennis coach Stephan Zweifel echoes the excitement of both tennis programs about the new venue. He is quick to extend his gratitude to Dennis Easley of the Facilities Department for his efforts throughout the construction process, while noting that the courts had not undergone any major renovation since the mid-1960s. After 45 years or service, the old courts had served their purpose, and an irreparable degree of concrete shifting and cracking helped prompt the overhaul.

Not only will it be a tremendous boon to both programs to play on eight freshly surfaced courts that offer true bounces, but the new courts come fully loaded with other modern amenities. One such feature is the angled “California corners” used to enclose the courts, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but will help to reduce stray ball movement. Loose balls will also be better confined by the fact that the courts are grouped in fenced-in pairs. Off the court, a nice viewing area centered between the two sets of four courts will enhance the pleasure of spectators.

Some delays in the courts’ construction prevented the teams from christening them during the brief fall season. Come spring though, both the men’s and women’s teams anxiously await being able to practice and play matches simultaneously.

In addition to praising the sheer practicality of having eight courts, Zweifel reinforced that “It’s just wonderful that we could stay at Bell Field. It’s one of the nicest athletic facilities in the country, and that we could stay there was just fantastic.”

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