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Registration begins Thursday, March 5th at NOON EST!
(Space is very limited and is open to all sports)

"Coaching for Success and Significance"

2009 Dates and Sites
May 27 - May 31, 2009
Inverness Conference Center, Denver, Colorado

June 6 - June 10, 2009
Dolce Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia

December 10 - 14, 2009
Inverness Conference Center, Denver, Colorado

About the Academy
The NCAA Women Coaches Academy provides skills training for coaches at all levels to assist them in being more efficient, productive, resourceful and successful. The academy is designed for women coaches who are ready and willing to increase their individual effectiveness by learning advanced skills and strategies that directly affect their personal and team success. The participants learn skills that are not sport specific, yet ones that are relevant and necessary for coaching responsibilities, beyond the X's and O's.

In 2002, the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics (CWA) supported an initiative to train, support and retain women coaches. That was the start of the Women Coaches Academy (WCA). To date there have been fifteen highly successful sessions of the five-day academies, which are open to any coach from any sport, and any division.

The WCA is designed to give coaches the opportunity to understand their expanding role as a coach, along with perspectives and skills to help them make the most of their situation. In the company and understanding of other coaches, they will have the opportunity to talk and listen with others to gain support and learn new tools and strategies.

The first component is the Core Curriculum offered in a five day format. The WCA program is structured into four educational tracks. Listed below is how the Core Curriculum subjects fit within the tracks. 
    1. Philosophy and Fundamentals
        • Title IX and Gender Equity 
        • History and Culture of Women’s Sports
        • Philosophies of Coaching
        • Fundamentals of Coaching
        • Learning Styles and Teaching Methods
    2. Management Skills
        • Change Management
        • Ethics and Decision-Making
        • Principles of Marketing
        • Management Methods 
        • Legal Issues of Coaching
    3. Communication Strategies
        • Communication Skills
        • Diversity
        • Public Speaking
    4. Career Development
        • Interviewing
        • Networking

The Women Coaches Academy has three objectives:
1) Skills Development - Provide women coaches with professional development in areas other than the X’s and O’s of their sport. These include, management strategies, decision-making, ethics, leadership, legal issues and communication skills.
2) Retention - To inspire and motivate women coaches to remain in the coaching profession. By expanding their knowledge, perspective and skill base, they gain confidence and determination to set career goals and be more successful and competent.
3) Mentoring - Provide a framework for interaction between women in all aspects of athletics -- from peers to pioneers.

Registration for all 3 Academies begins Thursday, March 5th at NOON EST!
For more information please click here or cut and paste this address into your web browser
http://www.coachesacademy.org/ncaa.php. The link to the application will NOT be posted on this web page until Thursday, March 5th at noon EST.

Important Information about the NCAA Women Coaches Academy!
**Tuition, room and board are provided for coaches employed at NCAA Universities
**Coaches are responsible for all of their travel expenses to and from the site
**Registration is tracked according to the time/date the application is received
**Some considerations will be made to balance the programs for division, sport, head and assistant coaches, ethnic minority participation and repeat applicants
**There are 42 positions available at each Academy.

If there are any questions, please contact Celia Slater:
Celia Slater
Executive Director
NCAA Women Coaches Academy

Quotes from Women Coaches Academy Graduates

“The WCA definitely helped me improve all of my coaching skills and has made me a better and more educated coach. I learned more during my time at the WCA than I did in all of my formal education on how to be a successful coach. I will definitely send my assistants to the Women Coaches Academy.”
Lisa Hart
Women's Tennis Coach
Washington State University

“Only 43% of female collegiate athletes are coaches by women – and this number has been on a steady decline since the 1970’s. The WCA is about creating a sisterhood of women coaches with the intention of retaining as well as advancing more and more women coaches. The academy is part professional development, and part myth busting in terms of the misinformation about the gender gap in college sports. Furthermore the WCA is a safe space to share your story, AND to benefit from hearing the stories of other female coaches. It was a transformational weekend!”
Amy Jensen
Denver Women's Tennis

“My experience at the WCA was truly amazing! I learned so much about myself as a person and a coach, which I carried back to my team with me. The people you work with and the connections you make with other coaches are invaluable. The WCA is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding program that I would recommend to anyone looking to grow as a coach.”
Danielle Lund McNamara
Yale University - Head Women's Tennis Coach

"The Women’s Coaches Academy was an invaluable experience for me. I learned useful and practical skills, techniques, and theories that helped me grow as a coach and mentor. I highly recommend it to both assistant and head coaches."
Stephanie Nickitas
Head Coach Women's Tennis
UCF Athletics Association, Inc.

“My experience at the NCAA Women Coaches Academy was life changing.  It is the most powerful program I have ever been a part of, and I highly recommend it for all women in the NCAA coaching ranks.  I left not only with a set of new strategies and skills but also with a new confidence and a network of support I never knew I had.”
Erica Perkins
Manager, Junior and Collegiate Competition
United States Tennis Association