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10 Tenets for Pursuing Victory with Honor

Good sportsmanship doesn't happen by chance. But it can become second nature when coaches, administrators, and players give it priority in their playbooks. In celebration of National Sportsmanship Day, here are 10 reminders to help you keep character front and center:

  1. Great coaches and athletes model good behavior every day.
  2. Honor the letter and spirit of the rules.
  3. Promote good sportsmanship in the stands by enlisting home game “ambassadors.”
  4. Concentrate on winning with honor, not winning at all costs.
  5. Make decisions as if your mother/child were looking over your shoulder.
  6. Don’t make cheating an option.
  7. Congratulate everyone, including the opposing coach.
  8. Focus on the team, not the stars.
  9. Have fun without winning.
  10. Make sports a setting for learning.

 ITA National Team Sportsmanship Award - Nomination Form
(click here)

A team (including the coach) that has exemplified outstanding sportsmanship, character and ethical conduct in the true spirit of competition and college tennis. Supporting data can be drawn from the coach’s (or institutional staff's) experience in a particular match, over a series of matches and/or any other relevant situations. All ITA member institutions (Division I, II, III, NAIA and Junior College) are eligible to be nominated.

There will be one men’s and one women’s program featured every month (February, March and April), chosen by the ITA Ethics and Infractions Committee, based on the supporting data submitted by the individual submitting the nomination. These “featured programs” will have their photo posted on the ITA website, along with a short description of their accomplishments.

1. Nominations must be submitted through the ITA website (Online form is below)
2. Nominations can only be submitted by current ITA member schools (coach, administrator or other institutional staff). Nominations can be made for either their own team or an opposing team.