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NCAA College Tennis Project: 17 days from 15 writers

**NCAA Championship Photos by Marcia Frost**

It may have looked like the College Tennis Examiner had quieted down for a few days, but there's been a lot going on behind the scene as I've been working on something very special.  I believe college tennis can never get enough coverage and that's why I'm thrilled to announce that it has all come together in time for the season-ending events...
From Alabama to Hawaii, Examiner.com will have the NCAA Division I College Tennis Championships covered. This one of a kind project will involve college tennis stories from *14 writers for 17 days. I  will lead a group of sports journalists from around the country to cover NCAA tennis events. College Tennis Examiner  will have daily coverage and links to the other participating Examiners for:
The articles will begin on Friday, May 8th, and last through Monday, May 24th. College Tennis Examinerwill be the starting point, but the uniqueness of this project is that will provide college tennis coverage from many different sports writers with different points of view. 
Come along for this unique ride that begins tomorrow!


*As College Sports Examiners finish up covering their other sports in the next week, we are encouraging more to join in.

Author: Marcia Frost
Marcia Frost is a National Examiner. You can see Marcia's articles on Marcia's Home Page.