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ITA Online Results and Rankings Program

Last year the ITA entered into a long term agreement with The Active Network to develop, host and support the ITA web site (www.itatennis.com), all online ITA registrations and beginning later this August, to administer the ITA online results and rankings program.

We are looking forward to our ITA web site providing even greater awareness and visibility for all of our men’s and women’s varsity programs. Please be aware that for your results to be considered for the Campbell/ITA Rankings (and for NCAA institutions, to be used for 2009-10 NCAA seeding and selection purposes), you must enter all of your results using the online entry system on the ITA web site. The score entry system and the rankings application will be very similar to the previous system used for entering your scores. In fact, throughout the past year, Active worked closely with College Tennis Online (CTO) to upgrade the systems in place to ensure the accuracy of the rankings as well as the necessary support for the upcoming college season.

The online results entry will still be located under the “Awards & Rankings” tab. After clicking on the “Results Entry” button you will be taken to the log-in area where you will currently be able to enter the system using the same individual username and password assigned to you last year. After your initial login, we strongly encourage you to change your password to avoid any of your information being compromised.

In addition to upgrading the results and rankings on the ITA web site, our partnership with Active has paved the way for the introduction of the ITA Team Pages to be featured under the “Players” tab this fall. The ITA Team Pages will benefit all teams in all divisions with current ITA membership, giving each program the opportunity to design its own Team Page that will be managed by a designated team member. These Pages will offer a wide range of features, including team rosters and schedules, an interactive comment section, news feeds, photo galleries, blog spots, quick polls and a personalized countdown clock.

Please feel free to contact Jason Berney (jberney@itatennis.com) or Michael Sing (msing@itatennis.com) if you have any concerns, questions or comments regarding the ITA online results and rankings program. If you would like more information on the ITA Team Pages, please contact Alli Berney (aberney@itatennis.com).