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ITA Announces 2009 All-America Teams for NCAA Division II Tennis
Campbell/ITA final Singles & Doubles College Tennis Rankings released

SKILLMAN, N.J. – 2009 ITA Division II Senior Players of the Year, Julien Carsuzaa of Lynn and California of PA’s Helena Van Eysendeyk highlight the 2009 Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) All-America Teams for Division II men's and women's tennis, released today in conjunction with the season-ending Campbell/ITA national singles and doubles rankings.

Carsuzaa is currently ranked No. 3 in the Campbell/ITA Division II men's singles rankings and No. 1 in the men's doubles with partner, Allesandro Sarra. Carsuzaa's season record is 13-3 and he plays the top-ranked position for the Fighting Knights. He is a 3-time ITA All-American in singles and won the 2006 ITA "Super Bowl" of the ITA Small College Doubles Championship. .

Van Eysendeyk is currently ranked No. 2 in women's singles in the Campbell/ITA Division II National College Rankings and No. 16 in women's doubles with partner, Alina Stanila. Helena carries a 26-2 singles record and has the most wins in Cal U/PA history. She also achieved ITA All-American status in 2008 in singles and doubles and won the ITA Regional Championship in singles and doubles in 2008 and 2009.

A player must meet any of the following criteria to earn ITA All-America honors:
Finish in the Top 20 of the final ITA Rankings.
Finish in Top 10 of final ITA Rankings

2009 ITA All-America Teams
Division II Men's Tennis
(S - Singles, D - Doubles)

Paul Bishop - Armstrong Atlantic State (S, D)
Andrey Boldarev - Concordia (D)
Edualdo Bonet - Armstrong Atlantic State (S)
Julien Carsuzaa - Lynn (S, D)
Dagoberto Darezzo - South Carolina-Aiken (D)
Kevin Ducros - West Florida (S)
David Dueren - Valdosta State (S)
Joerg Ekkenga - Valdosta State (S, D)
Emmanuel Fraitzl - Barry (S, D)
Luis Gonzalez - Columbus State (D)
Alex Grubin - Concordia (S, D)
Florida Halb - Valdosta State (S)
Edward Horne - South Carolina-Aiken (D)
Mikk Irdoja - Armstrong Atlantic State (D)
Leos Jelinek - Valdosta State (D)
Rong Ma - BYU-Hawaii (S)
Jeff Morris - Rollins (D)
Philip Pakebusch - Anderson (S)
Daniel Pazos - Cameron (S)
Justin Pickham - Georgia College & State (S, D)
Jan Plewinski - Ouachita Baptist (S)
Tomas Racak - Lynn (S)
Allesandro Sarra - Lynn (D)
Bruno Seves - South Carolina-Aiken (S)
Dilshod Sharifi - Francis Marion (S, D)
Erick Siqueira - Georgia College & State (S, D)
Frank Suarez - Columbus State (D)
Ales Svigelj - Barry (S)
Adrian Tan - Rollins (D)
Oshada Wijemanne - Francis Marion (S, D)
Max Winner - Barry (D)

Division II Women's Tennis
(S - Singles, D - Doubles)

Martina Beckmann - Armstrong Atlantic (D)
Suzanna Cavalcante - West Florida (S, D)
Jenny Chin - BYU-Hawaii (S, D)
Magdalena Eckert - Lynn (S)
Jitka Gavdunova - Francis Marion (D)
Natali Gumbrecht - Valdosta State (S)
Kristyna Horakova - Francis Marion (D)
Eleanora Iannozzi - Lynn (D)
Yuan Jia - BYU-Hawaii (S, D)
Katerina Jiskrova - Lynn (S, D)
Gabriela Kovacs - Armstrong Atlantic State (S, D)
Elwen Li - BYU-Hawaii (S, D)
Roshni Luthra - Rollins (S)
Alida Muller-Wehlau - Armstrong Atlantic State (S, D)
Sona Novakova - Armstrong Atlantic State (S, D)
Paulina Ojeda - West Florida (D)
Eva Petschnig - Columbus State (S)
Verena Preikschas - CS Stanislaus (S)
Dominique Rothlaender - Valdosta State (S, D)
Viktorya Semyrodenko - Clayton State (D)
Senka Softic - Florida Southern (S)
Irene Squuillaci - Abilene Christian (D)
Tereza Sykorova - Francis Marion (S)
Ulia Talalenko - Nova Southeastern (S)
Tina Trautmann - Valdosta State (D)
Helena Van Eysendeyk - California of PA (S)
Zora Vlkova - Hawaii Pacific (S)
Jaclyn Walker - Abilene Christian (D)
Wen-Lin Wang - BYU-Hawaii
Angie Werschel - Barry (S)
Katherine White - Clayton State (D)

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final)
Men's Singles Top 20
1. Alex Grubin - Concordia
2. Eudaldo Bonet - Armstrong Atlantic State
3. Julian Carsuzaa - Lynn
4. David Dueren - Valdosta State
5. Ales Svigelj - Barry
6. Bruno Seves - South Carolina-Aiken
7. Philip Pakebusch - Anderson
8. Erick Siqueira - Georgia College & State
9. Oshada Wijemanne - Francis Marion
10. Daniel Pazos - Cameron
11. Rong Ma - BYU-Hawaii
12. Florian Halb - Valdosta State
13. Kevin Ducros - West Florida
14. Jan Plewinski - Ouachita Baptist
15. Justin Pickham - Georgia College & State
16. Tomas Racak - Lynn
17. Joerg Ekkenga - Valdosta State
18. Dilshod Sharifi - Francis Marion
19. Emmanuel Fraitzl - Barry
20. Paul Bishop - Armstrong Atlantic State

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final)
Women's Singles Top 20
1. Sona Novakova - Armstrong Atlantic State
2. Helena Van Eysebdeyk - California of PA
3. Elwen Li - BYU-Hawaii
4. Yuan Jia - BYU-Hawaii
5. Eva Petschnig - Columbus State
6. Suzanna Cavalcante - West Florida
7. Senka Softic - Florida Southern
8. Ulia Talalenko - Nova Southeastern
9. Angie Werschel - Barry
10. Roshni Luthra - Rollins
11. Katerina Jiskrova - Lynn
12. Alida Muller-Wehlau - Armstrong Atlantic State
13. Tereza Sykorova - Francis Marion
14. Gabriela Kovacs - Armstrong Atlantic State
15. Zora Vlkova - Hawaii Pacific
16. Dominique Rothlaender - Valdosta State
17. Natali Gumbrecht - Valdosta State
18. Magdalena Eckert - Lynn
19. Jenny Chin - BYU-Hawaii
20. Verena Preikschas - CS Stanislaus