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A Joint USTA/ITA Program

  • One-day, one-set tournaments open to juniors, college players, professionals and adults. Singles players play up to four sets of singles using a compass draw. Doubles is a compass draw with up to 3 matches. Set tiebreaks (12 point) are played at 5-all in all matches.
  • Rules: One new can of balls per set. Service lets are in play at D1 men’s schools.
  • No officials needed. Campus Match Play Code of Conduct is used: 1) If your opponent questions your call, you change your call and award your opponent the point. 2) You cannot question your opponent's call unless you would bet your LIFE that your opponent made a mistake.
  • Entry Fees are kept low to provide access to full range of players. $10 for singles, $5 for doubles, $15 for both.
  • The tournaments are run on campus with the College Coach acting as Tournament Director.

The Role of the USTA

  • Provide a stipend of $150 (maximum one stipend per team per school year).
  • Provide staff support to handle questions and paperwork.
  • Promote events on USTA Sectional websites.
  • Promote events on the USTA National website in the collegiate and junior sections.
  • Coordinate dates with USTA Sectional staff liaison.
  • Sectional Staff or designee may monitor One-day Shootouts within their section.

The Role of the ITA

  • Participating coaches must be current ITA members.
  • ITA will publicize and provide program information on the ITA web site.

The Role of the College Coach

  • Tournament Director
  • Ensure the events are run according to NCAA guidelines and rules.
  • Provide the facility and the balls.
  • Make the draw.
  • Forward draws to USTA Sectional and National offices.

Additional Information for Consideration

  • Schools may run more than one tournament per year, but USTA will only provide one stipend per school per year (or two, if both a men's and a women's event are run at the same school).
  • Once completed draws have been sent to the USTA, a stipend check will be sent to the tournament director.
  • The stipend is provided to keep entry fees affordable for all participants. All participating schools must follow the entry fee guidelines.
  • These tournaments are non-sanctioned, non-ranking events.

Benefits of these Events

  • College players get more competition – within NCAA rules. If a coach actively observes his/her players, participation will be considered countable athletically-related activities under NCAA rules. If a coach merely acts as a tournament director, the hours do not count.
  • Coaches can attract local professionals and top adult players who would be great competition in singles and doubles for the college players.
  • Community Relations - parents of juniors love these events.
  • College players can play in tournaments at other schools.
  • Juniors, college players, professionals and top adult players get a chance to compete against each other in a unique format.

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