ITA Executive and Budget Committees

ITA Executive & Budget Committee - 2014-15

David A. Benjamin, Executive Director
Bobby Bayliss, University of Notre Dame (Ex-Officio)
John Bryant, Southwest Baptist University
Beverly Buckley, Rollins College (SC OpCom Co-Chair)
Betsy Kuhle, Western Michigan University
Ann Lebedeff, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges (SC OpCom Assoc. Chair)
Jenny Mainz, University of Alabama (D1 OpCom Assoc. Char)
Sheila McInerney, Arizona State University (DI OpCom Co-Chair)
Wanda McPhail, Meridian Community College (SC OpCom Assoc. Chair)
Murray Murdoch, Cedarville College (Ex-Officio)
Billy Pate, Princeton University (DI OpCom Co-Chair)
Bill Richards, Ball State University (DI OpCom Assoc. Chair)
Paul Settles, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges (SC OpCom Co-Chair)

(updated 9/20/14)

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